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Larry Borenstein (1919–1981) was an American property owner and art dealer.

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Russian parents and when 13 years old he went to Chicago to join the World's Fair. He traveled with the fair for a while and served in the Navy as a civilian in Hawaii and pursued other ventures before he ended up in New Orleans in the 1950s.

Before he died in 1981, he owned over half of the French Quarter,[citation needed] had created the market for Pre-Columbian art in New Orleans by smuggling it from Mexico, and promoted little known artists into famous artists, such as Sister Gertrude Morgan, who has been featured in the Smithsonian.

He also is referred to as "The Father of Preservation Hall." In the 1960s he rented the building and avidly made efforts to preserve the music and give them a place to play. The Larry Borenstein Collection features artists from this era.


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