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Larry Schwarz
Born (1970-01-20) January 20, 1970 (age 51)
Alma materUniversity of Pennsylvania
Cardozo School of Law
Years active1997–present

Larry Schwarz (born January 20, 1970) is an American animation producer, entrepreneur, writer, and photographer. He was the founder and CEO of now-defunct cartoon studio Animation Collective.[1][2] He is best known for creating Kappa Mikey.[3]

Early life[edit]

Schwarz was born in 1970.[4] He was a child actor and stand-up comedian and enjoyed playing with puppets.[5][6] Schwarz is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.[7]


After attending law school, Schwarz realized that he wanted more playfulness in his career causing him to start a toy brand.[6]

Rumpus Toys[edit]

In 1996, while still living with his parents, Schwarz began designing his own plush toys under the Rumpus brand, an online-only toy company. By winter of 1997, he was able to produce a small lot of his toys in China.[4]

His toys were insulted by representatives of Toys R Us and his phone calls were not returned. However, specialty toy chain FAO Schwarz expressed interest for the unique toys and ordered 60 dolls for their flagship store in Manhattan. Demand for Rumpus toys increased when TV host Kathie Lee Gifford displayed organ-themed plush toy Gus Gutz on her show, after which Noodle Kidoodle and began to invest in the brand. At this point, the Rumpus company was worth $1 million and had 9 employees.[4][6]

In 1998, Rumpus participated in the New York International Toy Fair.[6]

By 1999, the Rumpus toy brand was worth $15 million. With a staff of 36 in a polka-dotted company headquarters in the Flatiron District,[4] Schwarz founded the Rumpus website, which housed toy sales as well as original Flash animations produced in-house.[8] Toys designed by Schwarz included friendly Monster in My Closet, organ-displaying Gus Gutz, programmable alarm clock toy Wake Me Willy and Harry Hairball.[6]

Schwarz's goal was for Rumpus to become an entertainment brand that created animated films alongside toy sales, "like Disney."[9][10]

Rumpus is now defunct and its former site,, is no longer accessible.[11]

Animation Collective[edit]

Larry Schwarz was the CEO of now-defunct Animation Collective. He produced Kappa Mikey (and its spin-off Dancing Sushi), Thumb Wrestling Federation, Leader Dog: The Series, Tortellini Western: The Series, Three Delivery, and Speed Racer: The Next Generation for Nicktoons Network and Ellen's Acres, HTDT, and Princess Natasha for Cartoon Network. In addition, Schwarz served as producer of Wulin Warriors for Cartoon Network and the first season of The Incredible Crash Dummies for the Fox Box. Animation Collective was also the leading multi-platform content provider for kids and teens to America Online.

Larry Schwarz and his Band[edit]

Currently, Schwarz is the CEO of Larry Schwarz and His Band, which produces Alien Dawn for Nicktoons Network and Team Toon for Cartoon Network. Both series, produced in partnership with Fremantle Media Kids and Family Entertainment, were created by Schwarz.

In February 2020, Schwarz announced that he is producing Dinosaur, Mermaid, Racecar, Pufferfish along with Believe Entertainment Group.[3]


Schwarz co-wrote the young adult novel Romeo, Juliet and Jim along with Elise Allen.[12]

He is also a photographer who has published male photography work in books and online.[13]


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