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Larry Thrasher (born 1959) is an American experimental musician, remixer, and producer. [1] Thrasher was an important member of Psychic TV[citation needed], Thee Majesty and Splinter Test. In addition, Thrasher was in collaboration with Kim Cascone on the experimental noise project Thessalonians. He is credited under the aliases DJ Cheb I Sabbah Wa Mektoub, Baba Larry Ji. [2], and Larriji. [3] He is also a long time follower of Meher Baba.

Selected discography[edit]

The Thessalonians:

  • The Black Field (Silent Records) 1987
  • Soulcraft (Silent Records) 1991
  • Solaristics (Noh Poetry Records) 2005

Psychic TV:

Splinter Test:

Thee Majesty:

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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