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Lars Eilebrecht

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Lars Eilebrecht
Lars Eilebrecht speaking at ApacheCon Europe 2007 in Amsterdam
BornMarch 1972
Alma materUniversity of Siegen
Known forApache HTTP Server

Lars Eilebrecht (born March 1972[1]) is a German software engineer, CISSP-certified information security expert, solutions architect, and Open Source evangelist.[2] He is one of the original developers of the Apache HTTP Server, and co-founder and former Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation. Lars was based in the United Kingdom between 2009 and 2019 where he founded the IT consultancy company Primevation Ltd.[1] Since 2019 he is based in Germany where he works as a Chief Information Security Officer.

Open Source[edit]

Lars has been active in open software projects, and most notably the Apache HTTP Server project. He was a member of the Apache Group,[3] and is co-founder and member of the Apache Software Foundation.[4][5]

Since the beginning of the Apache Software Foundation he was a member of the Conferences Committee[4] helping the foundation to organise ApacheCon events. He served as Vice President, Conference Planning from 2007 to 2009.[6][7] Additionally he is a member of the ASF Security Team and the ASF Public Relations Committee.[8][9]

Lars is an Open Source evangelist and received O'Reilly's Appaloosa Award for raising awareness of Apache.[10]


Between 2008 and 2019 Lars worked as an independent IT consultant for companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, Heise Media, El Tiempo and Pearson.[11][12] Lars was owner and managing director of Primevation Ltd,[12] and partner at pliXos GmbH.[13][14] Previous employers of Lars Eilebrecht include Ciphire Labs, Quam, Parc Technologies, CyberSolutions, and Cable & Wireless.[11]

Lars has an interest in IT security and cryptography.[15] He has worked as a CISO for the Widas Group[16] and polypoly,[17][18] was Director Security Solutions and Chief Security Architect at Ciphire Labs, and speaker at conferences such as Financial Cryptography and Data Security[19] and the 21st Chaos Communication Congress (21C3).[20] Lars was a member of the International Financial Cryptography Association from 2005 to 2006.[19]

In 1998 Lars received a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Siegen in Germany.[21]


Lars is the author of Apache Webserver, the first German-language book about the Apache HTTP Server. He published 5 editions of the book between 1997 and 2003.[22][23]

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