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Lars Frederiksen
Lars Frederiksen 2008
Lars Frederiksen 2008
Background information
Birth nameLars Erik Dapello
Born (1971-08-30) August 30, 1971 (age 49)
OriginCampbell, California, United States
Years active1986–Present
Associated acts

Lars Erik Frederiksen (born Lars Erik Dapello, August 30, 1971) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock band Rancid, as well as the frontman of Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards and the Old Firm Casuals. In addition, he currently plays guitar in Oxley's Midnight Runners, Stomper 98, and The Last Resort. He was also briefly a member of the UK Subs in 1991.[1] He joined Rancid in 1993 after the band was searching for a second guitar player and was present on their second album Let's Go. He has produced albums for bands such as Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front, The Business, Swingin Utters, Marky Ramone and the Intruders, Anti-Heros, Pressure Point, The Forgotten among others.[2] He mixed GBH's 2010 album entitled Perfume and Piss, as well as Cock Sparrer's 2007 album "Here We Stand" both alongside Michael Rosen.


Early life[edit]

Frederiksen was raised by his mother, Minna Dapello after his father left at age 3.[3][4] His brother was Robert "Rob" Dapello, a writer for Zero Magazine and a fellow musician, who died in February 2001 from a fatal brain aneurysm.[3] The song "Otherside" off Rancid's 2003 album Indestructible is dedicated to Rob's memory. He was raised in Campbell, California, a town near San Jose, California.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Frederiksen married his girlfriend Megan in 1998. They divorced, and he married San Francisco yoga instructor Stephanie Snyder.[6]

On the 75th episode of That One Time On Tour podcast that aired on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019, Frederiksen confirmed that he and Snyder had ended their relationship. He also mentioned that he “always liked the idea of a big family,” and that he “plans to have more kids at some point in [his] life” and would be open to adoption. On having more kids, Frederiksen added, “hopefully I can find someone again [whom] I can share that with.” [7]

He supports Millwall Football Club, and often has the Millwall lion on his guitar.[8] He is also a San Jose Earthquakes season ticket holder. In January 2014, Lars and The Old Firm Casuals wrote the new team anthem/theme song for the San Jose Earthquakes titled "Never Say Die". Lars called the team the "punkest" team in MLS.[9][10]

Recently, Frederiksen had gotten involved with San Francisco's Project Homeless Connect, partnering with Tony Hawk to donate skateboards to teenagers in the family shelter.[11]

"It was emotional," said Frederiksen, who says he was reminded of his mother's struggles as a single parent. "But I was thinking that when people donate toys, it is always the teenagers that get left out. That's when I got Tony Hawk on the phone."[11]

Frederiksen has expressed his personal dislike for signing to major record labels numerous times.

Kids come up to us all the time and say, "We're in a band and we're never going to sign to some major label. We're going to stay independent like you guys. You guys proved you don't need to sign some major label and all that bullshit [to be successful]." That's the most gratifying thing anyone can say to me or to any of us.[12]

Frederiksen appears in several episodes of Tim Armstrong's Tim Timebomb's Rock n Roll Theater as Dante. Lars can also be seen in the documentary film, The Other F Word. Lars is a longtime fan of professional wrestling. He is friends with retired professional wrestler CM Punk, and featured in the WWE produced documentary CM Punk: Best in the World.[13]



Frederiksen on guitar and vocals.

Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards[edit]

Frederiksen on guitar and vocals.

The Old Firm Casuals[edit]

Frederiksen on guitar and vocals.

  • The Old Firm Casuals S/T (7") (Oi! the Boat Records 2011)
  • We Want The Lions Share (7") (Randale Records 2011)
  • The Last Resort / The Old Firm Casuals (Split Double 7") (Oi! the Boat Records 2011)
  • Army of One (7") (Oi! the Boat Records 2011)
  • Oi! This Is Streetpunk Vol. 1 (11" Various Artists Compilation) (Pirates Press Records 2011)
  • Them Against Us (Split 7" w/ Insane Dogs) (Randale Records 2012)
  • Hooligan Classics Vol. 1 (Split Double 7" w/ The Chosen Ones, On File, Control) (Randale Records 2012)
  • Stesso Sangue (Split 7" w/ Klasse Kriminale) (Randale Records 2012)
  • Oi! Rules...OK! (Split 7" w/ Evil Conduct) (Randale Records 2012)
  • Red White & Blue: Which One Are You? (Split Double 7" w/ Harrington Saints, Argy Bargy, Booze & Glory) (Pirates Press Records 2012)
  • Oi! Ain't Dead (Split CD/LP w/ Razorblade, The Corps, Booze & Glory) (Rebellion Records 2012)
  • Born Criminal (7") (TKO Records 2012)
  • Respect Your Roots Worldwide (CD Various Artists Compilation) (Strength Records 2012)
  • United We Stand: The Front Lines of American Street Punk (2xLP Various Artists Compilation) (Durty Mick Records 2013)
  • Hooligan Classics Vol. 2 (Split double 7" w/ Stomper 98, Iron Cross, The Gonads, and The Resort Bootboys*) (Randale Records 2013) *Resort Bootboys are The Old Firm Casuals with Roi Pierce of Last Resort on vocals
  • The Old Firm Casuals/ The Headliners split EP (Split 7") (UVPR Records 2013)
  • For The Love of it All... (Double LP compilation of all previous releases except 1st 7") (Oi! the Boat Records/Randale Records 2013)
  • EP+1 (The band's first EP plus bonus track of Madball cover "Pride" on CD) (Rebellion Records 2013)
  • Yuletide Cheers & Oi! (Split X-Mas 7" w/ Evil Conduct) (Randale Records 2013)
  • Never Say Die (San Jose Earthquakes Anthem on blue 7") (Volsung Records 2014)
  • Perry Boys b/w Watford Tuxedo (7") (Oi! the Boat Records/Randale Records, 2014)
  • This Means War (Debut LP) (Oi! the Boat Records/Randale Records, 2014)
  • Oi! Ain't Dead Vol. 3 (Split 7" w/ Noi!se, Razorblade, Badlands) (Rebellion Records, 2014)
  • A Butcher's Banquet (7 song EP) (Oi The Boat/Randale Records, 2016)
  • Sheer Terror/Old Firm Casuals (Split 7" EP) (PitchforkNY Records, 2016)
  • Wartime Rock N Roll EP (12" etched vinyl/CD) (Rebellion Records, 2017)
  • Holger Danske (LP) (Demons Run Amok Entertainment/Pirates Press Records, 2019)

Oxley's Midnight Runners[edit]

Frederiksen on guitar and backing vocals.[16]

Stomper 98[edit]

Frederiksen on guitar and backing vocals.

- Althergebracht LP (Contra Records 2018)

Tim Timebomb and Friends[edit]

Frederiksen on guitar and vocals.

As a producer[edit]


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