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Lars Nils-Johan Idermark (born 1957 in Högsby, Sweden) is president and CEO of PostNord.[1] Idermark has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Uppsala University,[2] is chairman of the Swedish bank Swedbank,[3] and was previously president and CEO of Kooperativa Förbundet, owner of the Swedish retailer Coop Dagligvaruhandel.[2] Idermark also works as chairman of the Coop-owned MedMera Bank,[4] and prior to being president at Kooperative Förbundet, he was CEO of the Swedish pension fund Andra AP-Fonden.[5]

On December 11th 2012 it was announced that Lars Idermark will leave his post as CEO of Postnord AB to become CEO of the forestry co-operative Södra.

Idermark lives in Växjö with wife and two teenage children.[2] His spare time is spent on the family ancestral farm north of Kalmar, where Lars Idermark grew up as fifth generation of the family, and where his mother still resides. One of Idermark's passions is hunting.[2]


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