Lars Lönnroth

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Lars Lönnroth
Born (1935-06-04) 4 June 1935 (age 83)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Occupationliterary scientist
Parent(s)Erik Lönnroth
AwardsDobloug Prize

Lars Lönnroth (born 4 June 1935) is a Swedish literary scholar.

He was born in Gothenburg to Erik Lönnroth and Ebba Lagercrantz.

His academic career include professorships at the University of California Berkeley, University of Aalborg and the University of Gothenburg.[1]

Most of his scholarly publications are in Swedish but the following two books are in English: Njáls saga: A Critical Introduction (1976) and The Academy of Odin: Selected Papers on Old Norse Literature (2011).

He was awarded the Dobloug Prize in 2005.[2]


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