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Lars Magnar Enoksen (born 1960 in Malmö) is a Swedish writer and Glima[citation needed] wrestler. Enoksen was born in Malmö in 1960 with a Swedish mother and Norwegian father.[citation needed] As an author, he has written extensively on runes and Nordic mythology,[1] although as a popular rather than academic writer. His work has received consistently negative reviews and critique from academics and experts in Old Norse studies and runology, who have questioned his contextual knowledge of the period and its history as well as misunderstanding and shallow knowledge of the source material,[2] and national romantic thinking derived from the 1900s.[3] Reviewer Professor Henrik Williams [4] said of Enoksen's book "Runor: Mästarens Handbok" that it was "full of factual errors, absurdities, nonsense and unproven claims".[5]

In 2000, he was awarded The Lengertz Literature Award (Lengertz litteraturpris),[6] which is awarded to authors who write on subjects relevant to Scania.


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