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Lars Monsen, adventurer, bushcraftsman, journalist

Lars Thorbjørn Monsen (born 21 April 1963 in Oslo) is a Sámi-Norwegian[1] adventurer and journalist, famous for his explorations and backpacking expeditions in harsh wilderness. In particular, he became especially known for his thru-hiking trip in northern Canada and Alaska, which was filmed and documented by Monsen himself, and then broadcast on NRK in 2005. He spent 2 years and 7 months on this trip alone.

In 2010 Monsen was expedition leader for the Norwegian program "Ingen Grenser" which is a remake of BBCs Beyond Boundaries. In 30 days they covered 500 kilometers over Cap of the North, some of the participants with severe physical limitations. He is currently living with American-Norwegian artist Trine Rein.[2]


His well-documented expeditions include:


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