Lars Myraune

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Lars Myraune
Member of the Norwegian Parliament
for Nord-Trøndelag
In office
Personal details
Born 5 August 1944
Nationality Norwegian
Political party Conservative Party
Residence Frosta

Lars Myraune (born 5 August 1944 in Frosta) is a Norwegian military leader and politician for the Conservative Party. He was the mayor of Frosta 2003–2009, and was elected to the Parliament of Norway from Nord-Trøndelag in 2009.

Before becoming mayor he was ranked as a major general in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and NATO, where he was stationed both abroad and in Norway.

Myraune is Norway's eldest MP (with a regular seat) in the current term, and is also the Conservative Party's first MP from Nord-Trøndelag since 1993. He sits in the Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, and is the Conservative Party's spokesperson on information technology and aviation. Myraune looks at rebuilding local government and more living local communities as his most important cases.[1][2]


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