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Lars Passgård
Lars Passgård.jpg
Born (1941-02-14)14 February 1941
Borås, Sweden
Died 16 March 2003(2003-03-16) (aged 62)
Malmö, Sweden
Occupation Actor
Years active 1961–2002

Lars Passgård (14 February 1941 – 16 March 2003) was a Swedish actor and theatre director. He appeared in 38 films and television shows between 1961 and 2002.[1]


Early life and education[edit]

Passgård grew up in Smålandsstenar, a locality in Jönköping County. He acted in amateur theater in Smålandsstenar and, in 1959, began training at the Malmö City Theatre, which is now designated as the Malmö Theatre Academy and is a part of Lund University.[1]


After completing his studies, Malmö City Theatre became his main stage. Although, he also made guest appearances on theater stages in both Sweden and Denmark. In 1961, he made his theater debut in Malmö and his film debut in Ingmar Bergman's Through a Glass Darkly, which, in part, won him roles in Bo Widerberg's 1963 feature debut Barnvagnen and the 1963 Hollywood film The Prize. Passgård later acted in Yngve Gamlin's 1965 film The Chasers, which won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize at the 16th Berlin International Film Festival in 1966.[1][2]

In 1961, his popularity grew and he became a teen idol for his participation in the TV entertainment series Bialitt. Between 1963 and 1966, Passgård was part of the TV-theater ensemble on SVT and played at various private theaters in Stockholm, including the Stockholm City Theatre from 1965 to 1966 and 1970 to 1971, and the Royal Dramatic Theatre between 1971 and 1973. He also played at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen and received much attention for his performance of Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare's Hamlet in Aalborg in 1969. After his time spent at the Royal Danish Theatre, he returned to Malmö, where he was the theater's drama director between 1986 and 1989.[1]

In 1962 he received the Swedish Union for Theatre, Artists and Media's Daniel Engdahl scholarship, and in 1985 he received Kvällsposten's Thalia Prize.[1]

Death and legacy[edit]

Passgård died in on 16 March 2003 in Malmö after a brief illness. He was interred in Limhamn at the cemetery of Limhamn Church.[3]

Following his death, Lars' mother Elvy Passgård instituted a theater scholarship, dedicated to his memory, to be shared out among theater students at the Malmö Theatre Academy of Lund University. The total fund allocates 1,000,000 Swedish kronor to manage. The scholarship holder must be "young and promising, talented and focused on the nature of the spectacle of dramatic or comic art".[4]

Selected filmography[edit]


Year Title Role Note
1961 Through a Glass Darkly Minus
1962 Dagboken - scener ur tre böcker Short film (TV)
1963 The Prize Swedish Man
Barnvagnen Robban
Någon av er TV movie
Hittebarnet Bälin
1964 Kärlek utan strumpor Mats TV movie
Swedish Wedding Night Martin
Henrik IV Prince Johan TV movie
Ta hand om Amelie TV movie
1965 Blodsbröllop Bridegroom TV movie
Nattcafé TV movie
The Chasers Desperado
Idolen TV movie
Gustav Vasa Reginald TV movie
Bödeln TV movie
Aftonstjärnan TV movie
Hans nåds testamente TV movie
1966 Den ödesdigra klockan
Doktor Knock TV movie
Ormen Gideon
Woyzeck Andres TV movie
Kvinnas man TV movie
Patrasket Felix TV movie
The Princess Gunnar
1967 Candida TV movie
Etienne TV movie
1968 The Fuller Report Knut
Romeo, Julia och mörkret
1969 Förhinder The Piano Player Short film (TV)
1971 Ferien Bertil TV movie
1974 Erik XIV Erik XIV TV Movie
1998 Vasasagan TV movie


Year Title Role Note
1963 Route 66 Eric
1966 Nidingen
1967 Drottningens juvelsmycke Emanuel
1991 Ålder okänd Skådespelaren
1999 Offer och gärningsmän Sandvikaren
2000 Labyrinten Rättsläkare
2000 Soldater i månsken Hall
2002 Den 5:e kvinnan Hundägaren


Roles (not complete)[edit]

Year Role Production Direction Theatre
1960/61 Midsommardröm i fattighuset
Malmö City Theatre
Drottningens juvelsmycke
Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
Malmö City Theatre
1961/62 Drömresan
Malmö City Theatre
Malmö City Theatre
Mäster Olof
August Strindberg
Malmö City Theatre
Spöket på Canterville
Oscar Wilde
Malmö City Theatre
Malmö City Theatre
1962/63 Min kära är en ros
Malmö City Theatre
Stackars pappa, mamma har hängt dig i garderoben
och jag känner mig så nere

Malmö City Theatre
Gudomligt fusk
Malmö City Theatre
1968/69 Det tysta vapnet
Malmö City Theatre
1971 Valère Tartuffe
Mimi Pollak Royal Dramatic Theatre
1974/75 Fem minuter att leva
Malmö City Theatre
1975/76 Arsenik och gamla spetsar
Malmö City Theatre
1976/77 The Sunshine Boys
Neil Simon
Malmö City Theatre
Fröken Rosita (Blommornas språk)
Malmö City Theatre
1977/78 Chez Nous
Malmö City Theatre
1978/79 Harvey
Malmö City Theatre
Det är väl mitt liv?
Malmö City Theatre
1980/81 Bosman och Lena
Malmö City Theatre
Stängda dörrar
Malmö City Theatre
1981/82 Fadern
August Strindberg
Malmö City Theatre
Federico García Lorca
Malmö City Theatre
Matiné med lyrik
Malmö City Theatre
1982/83 Från regnormarnas liv
Per Olov Enquist
Malmö City Theatre
1983/84 Doktorn klipper till
Malmö City Theatre
Har ni sett Butlern?
Malmö City Theatre
1984/85 Det var en lördag afton
Malmö City Theatre
1986/87 Jaktscener från Nedre Bayern
Malmö City Theatre
1988/89 I gycklarnas tid
Malmö City Theatre
1989/90 Slaget vid Lepanto
Malmö City Theatre
Malmö City Theatre
1990/91 Ett dårhus i Goa
Malmö City Theatre
1991/92 Repetitionen eller Den straffade kärleken
Malmö City Theatre
1992/93 Volpone
Malmö City Theatre
1993/94 Mamma, pappa, barn
- det familjära våldets historia

Malmö City Theatre
Malmö City Theatre
1994/95 Lulu
Malmö City Theatre
Jekyll och Hyde
Malmö City Theatre
William Shakespeare
Malmö City Theatre
1995/96 Paradisets barn
Malmö City Theatre
Malmö City Theatre
1996/97 Magisk cirkel
Per Olov Enquist
Malmö City Theatre
Den kaukasiska kritcirkeln
Bertolt Brecht
Malmö City Theatre
1997/98 Vasasagan
August Strindberg
Malmö City Theatre


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