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Lars Pensjö of Sweden is the original author of the LPMud MUD engine and the LPC programming language,[1][2] and is one of the founders of Genesis LPMud,[3] notable for their part in the history of MMORPGs as well as the Pike programming language.[4] He attended Chalmers University of Technology[5] in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1980 to 1984. He was a member of the as of 2008 defunct[6] Chalmers Datorförening ("CD"), after which the CD gamedriver and mudlib were named.

Pensjö works for the software company Ghost Games.[5] He lives in Torslanda,[7] Gothenburg, together with his wife Marica Pensjö,[7] a certified masseuse.[8] They have three sons, Mikael, Jonas and Andreas.[citation needed]

Pensjö's hobbies include running for the team Solvikingarna[9] in Skatås, Gothenburg.


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