Lars Stalfors

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Lars Stalfors
Genres Alternative, Rock, Hip Hop
Occupation(s) record producer, Songwriter, Mixer
Instruments Synthesizer, sound technician
Associated acts HEALTH, Cold War Kids, Matt and Kim, Alice Glass, The Mars Volta

Lars Stalfors is an American musician, record producer, writer and mixer.[1] from Los Angeles, California, Noted for his work with HEALTH, Cold War Kids, Matt and Kim, Alice Glass\\ as well as being a member of the band The Mars Volta\\.

Year Album Artist Credit
2015 Stillbirth Alice Glass Co Production, Mixing
2015 Death Magic HEALTH Composer, Mixing, Producer
2015 It's OK Big Black Delta Mixing
2015 Will You Wait For Me The Colourist Engineer, Producer, Mixer
2015 New Glow Matt and Kim Composer, Mixing, Producer
2015 Arcadia Mackintosh Braun Ad Production, Mixing
2014 Hold My Home Cold War Kids Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2013 Dear Miss Lonelyhearts Cold War Kids Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2013 Get Deap! Deap Vally Producer
2013 Pain Is Beauty Chelsea Wolfe Engineer, Producer
2013 Sistrionix Deap Vally Producer
2013 True Blood: Music from the HBO Original Series, Vol. 4 Mixing, Producer
2012 Before Gardens After Gardens Big Sir Editing, Engineer, Mixing
2012 Bright Black Heaven Blaqk Audio Mixing
2012 Lightning Matt and Kim Engineer, Mixing
2012 Noctourniquet The Mars Volta Engineer, Mixing
2012 Strapped The Soft Pack Mixing
2011 Getting Paid Zechs Marquise Mixing
2011 Sin Sin Sin Le Butcherettes Engineer, Mixing
2011 The Golden Age of Knowhere Funeral Party Engineer, Producer
2010 Marnie Stern Marnie Stern Mixing
2009 Cryptomnesia El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez Audio Engineer, Engineer
2009 Grand Matt and Kim Mixing Consultant
2009 Octahedron The Mars Volta Engineer
2009 [Old Money]] Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2009 Terra Incognita Juliette Lewis Engineer
2009 Xenophanes Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer, Mixing
2008 Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far) Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2008 Dirty Mind Sara Melson Engineer, Mixing
2008 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Jeremy Michael Ward Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Processing
2008 Take It Personally The Starlite Desperation Assistant Engineer
2008 The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2008 The Bedlam in Goliath The Mars Volta Engineer
2007 Button Eyes Ghost Lullaby Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Engineer
2007 Haunts Bark Bark Bark Mastering
2007 Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Ramones Rockabye Baby! Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Engineer, Producer
2006 Epsilons Epsilons Audio Production, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2006 First World Fever Year Future Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant
2006 Matt & Kim Matt and Kim Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2006 Regarding Jack (EP) Regarding Jack Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2005 The Kanye West Tribute: Indie Translations of the College Dropout Musician
2005 We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy Reel Big Fish Assistant Engineer, Beats
2004 Things Aren't So Beautiful Now A Thorn for Every Heart Assistant Engineer
Blood Tears SISU Mixing
Cizaña de los Amores Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer, Mixing
Hey Now Matt and Kim Composer
Hoodie On Matt and Kim Composer
New Coke Composer
Sharp Teeth SISU Mastering, Mixing


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