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Larva 2005 poster.jpg
Written by Boaz Davidson
David Goodin
Kevin Moore
J. Paul V. Robert
T.M. Van Onstrand
Directed by Tim Cox
Starring Vincent Ventresca
Rachel Hunter
William Forsythe
Theme music composer John Dickson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Kenneth M. Badish
Boaz Davidson
Johnny Martin
Cinematography Stephen Lighthill
Dave Rutherford
Editor(s) David Grecu
Joe Plenys
Running time 96 minutes
Production company(s) Nu Image Films
Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. KG
Active Entertainment
Goldenlight Films
Martini Films
Distributor Nu Image Films
Larva Productions
Original release
  • January 22, 2005 (2005-01-22)

Larva is a 2005 science fiction-horror film, directed by Tim Cox, and written by Kenneth M. Badish, Boaz Davidson, David Goodin, Kevin Moore, J. Paul V. Robert and T.M. Van Ostrand.[1] It stars Vincent Ventresca, Rachel Hunter and William Forsythe.[2]


The film taking place in Host, Missouri about a species of fluke-like parasites that have been mutated after ingesting enhanced cow feed. They infect animals (including humans) from the inside and grow at an enormous rate, bursting out of their hosts when they became adults. They go on a rampage, eating anything in their way until they were all killed in a massive explosion.


  • Vincent Ventresca as Dr. Eli Rudkus
  • Rachel Hunter as Hayley Anderson
  • William Forsythe as Jacob Long
  • David Selby as Fletcher Odermatt
  • Robert Miano as Sheriff Lester
  • James Daris
  • James Sheldon as Johnny
  • Zachary Stevens
  • Amanda Ianelli
  • Jessica Summers
  • Holly McWilliams
  • Sean Kisner as Milo Turner
  • David E. Ornston
  • Erron Jay as Deputy
  • Sarah Ann Schultz as Barbara
  • Kyle Dick
  • Brandi Prine as Emily
  • Johnathon Prine as Jason
  • George Cron as Mortician
  • Aimée Flaherty as Nurse
  • Nicholas J. Coleman as Patrick
  • John Dickson as Tom Ridgeway
  • Nathan Grant
  • Curtis Harley as Hospital Visitor
  • Derek Mitchell as Townsperson
  • Terry Mitchell as Townsperson
  • Jennifer Lyn Quackenbush as Reporter
  • Phillip Secca as Hospital Doctor
  • Sarah Spiegel as Announcer
  • Mike Strain Jr. as Diner Customer
  • John Wilson as Hospital Patient
  • Carolyn Woodworth as Sally
  • Greg Brock as the grill cook at Host Tender Meats


The film was shot in Missouri in the city of Springfield, Missouri.[3]


Texas music producer John Dickson composed the score.[4]


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