Las Chinchillas National Reserve

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Las Chinchillas National Reserve
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Habitat du Chinchilla lanigera - Auco.jpg
Chinchilla Habitat
Location Coquimbo Region, Chile
Nearest city Illapel
Area 42.29 km²
Governing body Corporación Nacional Forestal

Las Chinchillas National Reserve is a nature reserve located in the Choapa Province, Coquimbo Region, Chile. The reserve gives shelter to the last colonies of Long-tailed Chinchillas in the wild.


In addition to the chinchillas, other small mammals (mainly rodents), two fox species and felines like the Puma inhabit the reserve and surrounding hills. Actually only about half of the wild chinchillas are located within the reserve boundaries. The other half live on private and communally owned lands.

The reserve is home to a number of species of birds, including the Chilean mockingbird, Chilean tinamou, long-tailed meadowlark, moustached turca and Harris's hawk. Owl species inhabiting the park include the burrowing owl, austral pygmy-owl and great horned owl. The Andean condor can also be seen in the area.


Coordinates: 31°37′50″S 71°09′55″W / 31.6306°S 71.1653°W / -31.6306; -71.1653