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Coat of arms of Enkarterri
Coat of arms
Mapa encartaciones.PNG
Country  Spain
Autonomous community Basque Country
Province Biscay
Demonym(s) encartados
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Enkarterri (Spanish: Las Encartaciones) is a comarca of the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, Spain. It is one of the seven comarcas or districts that make up the province of Biscay. Its administrative centre is Balmaseda. Enkarterri stretches from the river Nervion and the Estuary of Bilbao in the east to the mountains that form its southern border with Cantabria and Castile-Leon in the west and south.

Nowadays the name is most commonly used to refer to the rural part of the historical territory, while the urban area is known as the Left Bank (Margen Izquierda, Ezkerraldea) of the estuary, together with Barakaldo, that used to belong to Uribe.


Enkarterri is located at the northwest of the province of Biscay. It borders the community of Cantabria to the west, and the Province of Burgos (Castile and León) and the province of Álava, also in the Basque Country, to the south. The river Kadagua crosses the region and drains most of it.


# Municipality Population % Population Territory km²
Escudo de Balmaseda.svg Balmaseda 7168 20,15 22,3
Escudo de Carranza.svg Karrantza 2836 9,16 137,70
Escudo de Artzentales.svg Artzentales 692 2,23 36
Escudo de Gueñes.svg Gueñes 8.176 25,44 41,49
Escudo de Zalla.svg Zalla 8183 26,30 31,03
Escudo de Sopuerta.svg Sopuerta 2439 7,88 42,80
Escudo de Galdames.svg Galdames 841 2,72 44,50
Escudo de Gordexola.svg Gordexola 1658 5,35 41,50
Escudo de Trucios.svg Trucios-Turtzioz 556 1,80 31
Escudo de Lanestosa.svg Lanestosa 305 0,98 1,20
Coat of Arms of the Spanish Monarchs as Lords of Biscay s.XVI-XVII.svg Enkarterri 32713 100 429,52

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Coordinates: 43°14′38″N 3°11′44″W / 43.24389°N 3.19556°W / 43.24389; -3.19556