Las Piñas LRT station

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 Las Piñas 
Manila Light Rail Transit System
LocationPulang Lupa Uno, Las Piñas
Owned byLight Rail Transit Authority

Las Piñas LRT station is a proposed stop on the Manila LRT (Line 1). It is part of the LRT Line 1 South Extension Project. It is one of two proposed LRT stations in Las Piñas, the other being Manuyo Uno station.

The LRT-1 plan calls for an almost entirely elevated extension of approximately 11.7 km. The extension will have 8 passenger stations with an option for 2 future stations (Manuyo Uno and Talaba), all intended to be constructed above-ground.[1]

Nearby landmarks[edit]

When the station is completed, it would be the closest station to St. Joseph Parish Church, home of the world-renowned Las Piñas Bamboo Organ. It would also be close to Sarao Motors Factory, Las Piñas General Hospital, St. Joseph's Academy, Daniel Fajardo Elementary School, Las Piñas National High School (Main), Las Piñas Central School, Pulang Lupa Elementary School, Villar Sipag Center and Golden Haven Memorial Park.

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