Las Tunas Province

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Las Tunas Province
Flag of Las Tunas Province
Coat of arms of Las Tunas Province
Coat of arms
Las Tunas in Cuba.svg
CapitalLas Tunas
 • Total6,595.25 km2 (2,546.44 sq mi)
 • Total536,027
 • Density81/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-31

Las Tunas is one of the provinces of Cuba. Major towns include Puerto Padre, Amancio, and the capital city, Las Tunas (historically Victoria de Las Tunas).[2]

Climate and agriculture[edit]

The southern coast, which opens onto the Gulf of Guacanayabo, is marshy and characterised by mangroves. This wet area is used to grow sugarcane, as the wet climate is well suited for the crop.

Cattle are also grazed in the province.


Las Tunas was part of the Oriente province, until that province was divided into five smaller provinces in 1975.

In the same year, a large development program was started to modernize the town of Las Tunas and connect it by road to Havana.[citation needed]


Municipality Population
Location Remarks
Amancio 41,523 857 20°49′11″N 77°35′3″W / 20.81972°N 77.58417°W / 20.81972; -77.58417 (Amancio)
Colombia 32,942 563 20°59′27″N 77°24′57″W / 20.99083°N 77.41583°W / 20.99083; -77.41583 (Colombia)
Jesús Menéndez 51,002 638 21°09′49″N 76°28′38″W / 21.16361°N 76.47722°W / 21.16361; -76.47722 (Jesús Menéndez)
Jobabo 49,403 884 20°54′29″N 77°16′59″W / 20.90806°N 77.28306°W / 20.90806; -77.28306 (Jobabo)
Las Tunas 187,438 891 20°57′36″N 76°57′16″W / 20.96000°N 76.95444°W / 20.96000; -76.95444 (Las Tunas) Provincial capital
Majibacoa 40,264 621 20°55′2″N 76°52′34″W / 20.91722°N 76.87611°W / 20.91722; -76.87611 (Calixto) Calixto
Manatí 33,573 953 21°18′53″N 76°56′15″W / 21.31472°N 76.93750°W / 21.31472; -76.93750 (Manatí)
Puerto Padre 93,705 1,178 21°11′43″N 76°36′5″W / 21.19528°N 76.60139°W / 21.19528; -76.60139 (Puerto Padre)
Sources: Population from 2004 Census.[3] Area from 1976 municipal re-distribution.[4]
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In 2004, the province of Las Tunas had a population of 529,850.[3] With a total area of 6,587.75 km2 (2,543.54 sq mi),[5] the province had a population density of 80.4/km2 (208/sq mi).

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