Lash Out

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Lash out
Origin Molde, Norway
Genres Kult Alt (Kulturelt Alternativ)
Years active 1992 – 1999
Labels Stormstrike Records

Lash Out was formed in the city of Molde, Norway in 1992. The band was bred from a local subculture and scene called Kult Alt (Kulturelt Alternativ). This subculture was engined by skateboarding, surfing and hardcore punkrock. Lash Out grew from different HC/punk bands in this scene, but was soon to enter the darker side of the musical spectrum. In the early '90s, when Norwegian Black Metal was on the rise, the band developed their own style of Metallic hardcore, by openly combining dark metal and classic hardcore.

As a four-piece band, they got together in 1992 and recorded their first demo tape. This gave them a deal with the German label Stormstrike Records (SSR). The The Darkest Hour EP was their first release on SSR. Later, the sound evolved into a heavier and more melodic sound as they turned into a five-piece band and released the now cult EP Worn Path. The first album recording was What Absence Yields. The Stormstrike releases have been given solid reviews worldwide, in such media as Kerrang!, Maximumrocknroll and Metal Hammer, describing the bands output as moshy, metallic hardcore.[citation needed]


End of the band[edit]

In 1999 the band fell apart and some members formed a new band Thunderbolt.

Band members[edit]

  • Anders Wimpelman (Vocals 1992 - 1995)
  • Ole Anders Olsen (Andy LaPlegua)) (Vocals 1995 - 1999)
  • Bjørnar Næss (Guitar 1992 - 1997)
  • Andreas Tylden (Guitar 1997 - 1999)
  • Håvard Godøy (Bass)
  • Frank Johannessen (Guitar)
  • Vegard Waske (Drums)


  • 1992 demo, cassette (C´mon babe Records 1992)
  • "The Darkest Hour", 12" & CD (Stormstrike Records 1993)
  • Split 7" with Contention, 1994 (Stormstrike Records 1994)
  • "Worn Path", 12" & CD 1994 (Stormstrike Records 1994)
  • "What Absence Yields", LP & CD (Stormstrike Records 1995)
  • "Under Every Depth" 7" 1996 (Stormstrike Records 1996)
  • Split CD with Ambition, (Discipline Records 1996)
  • "The Unloved & Hated", picture disc 7" (Lim.ed. 666 copies) (Cylinder Recordings 1997)
  • Split 7" with Burst, 7" (Impression Recordings 1998)
  • "The Judas Breed", (unreleased album) 1998
  • "The Judas Breed", 2CD Judas Breed album (1998 prev. unreleased), demo (1992), The darkest hour (1993), Worn Path (1994), the Unloved and Hated (1997) (Get By Records 2011)
  • Canadian; Lash Out - "Apollyon", CD 2010 (Free)