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The Ayries, also called the Lasma in adult form, are fictional characters, a peaceful race of extraterrestrial aliens that first appeared in comic Green Lantern #104.

Fictional background[edit]

When Green Lantern fought Itty the first time, he was a giant lonely cosmic entity without companionship. In Green Lantern #43 vol. 2 Itty brings his wife, another Lasma, to earth to escape the Laroo and to give birth to Ayries. Their trail incite an alien invasion from the Laroos. The Laroo have been killing their race for eons to incite the destruction of their species by ensueing a "Holy War." The thought of a false deity engravened their race which created hostility towards this "pretender" so they capture Lasma with their Grapple Rays. The last female of their species needed to give birth on Earth or they would die out so Itty leaves his wife behind to defeat the impending threat. Hal Jordan frees the Lasma in order to help Itty. Itty and Hal Jordan both repulse the alien invaders so Lasma can give birth and indoing so give Hal Jordan the responsibility of taking care of them (the Ayries need no food, air or water to live) after which, in another four-thousand years, the baby starfish-like Ayries will become Lasma themselves.