Last Chance Range

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Last Chance Range
LastChance EurekaDunes.jpg
Northern Last Chance Range from Eureka Dunes
Highest point
Elevation2,645 m (8,678 ft)
Last Chance Range is located in California
Last Chance Range
Location of Last Chance Range in California [1]
CountryUnited States
DistrictInyo County
Range coordinates36°54′31.765″N 117°35′52.264″W / 36.90882361°N 117.59785111°W / 36.90882361; -117.59785111Coordinates: 36°54′31.765″N 117°35′52.264″W / 36.90882361°N 117.59785111°W / 36.90882361; -117.59785111
Topo mapUSGS Dry Mountain

The Last Chance Range of California is located near the Nevada state line in eastern Inyo County in the United States.

The range lies in a generally north-south direction, and stretches for more than 30 miles. The mountains lie to the northwest of the Cottonwood Mountains, and are almost entirely within Death Valley National Park, except for a small area near the Sulphur Mine in the north. The range reaches an elevation of 8,674 feet above sea level at Dry Mountain in the southern part of the range.

The Racetrack Playa is to the southwest.


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