Last Man Standing (Australian TV series)

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Last Man Standing
Created by Geoff Deane
Written by Marieke Hardy
Jaime Browne
Rene Zandveld
Jeff Truman
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
Adrian Holmes
Emma Freeman
Elise McCredie
Steve Jodrell
Jeffrey Walker
Pino Amenta
Grant Brown
Ian Gilmore
Declan Eames
Starring Rodger Corser
Travis McMahon
Matt Passmore
Miriama Smith
Country of origin Australia
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22
Executive producer(s) Ewan Burnett
Producer(s) Sue Edwards
Marieke Hardy
Running time approx 1:00
(with commercials)
approx 0:40
(without commercials)
Original network Seven Network
Original release 6 June – 25 October 2005

Last Man Standing was a 2005 Australian television series. It aired in Australia from June 2005 to October 2005; and in New Zealand from April to September 2005. It was aired also in Finland (Viimeiseen mieheen) in 2007.[1] The series did not return for a second season.


The main characters are three best friends — Adam, Bruno and Cameron — who live and work in Melbourne. Adam is newly single, having come out of a long-term relationship, and is dealing with the dating world for the first time in a long time. Cameron is the sexual predator of the group, although this role has been somewhat lessened by the fact that his ex-wife Zoe — who left when he had an affair — is now part of the group, and is becoming friends with the women he dates. Bruno is a nurse who has a habit of falling for women who don't care for him, while ignoring the many women who do. All three are discovering that, in their late twenties, they are still single and really have no idea about women whatsoever.

In keeping with the show's distinctly Melbourne feel, iconic Melbourne rock band Dallas Crane recorded a cover of Come See Me, originally by The Pretty Things, for the show's theme tune. The cover can be found as a B-side to the band's Curiosity single


Actor Character
Main cast
Rodger Corser Adam Logan
Travis McMahon Bruno Palmer
Matt Passmore Cameron Kennedy
Miriama Smith Zoe Hesketh
Recurring cast
Fletcher Humphrys Anto
Anita Hegh Marly
Jesse Griffin Chich
Nikola Dubois Taia
Jacinta Stapleton Syl
Stephen Phillips Mark
Gillian Hardy Anne
Terry Kenwrick Gavin
Kat Stewart Claire
Cal Wilson Nurse Jude Vanderwert
Susan Godfrey Nurse Rachel Barton

Broadcast history[edit]

The series premiered in Australia on 6 June 2005 - although it premiered in New Zealand some two months earlier. It struggled to find an audience from the beginning, with an average Australian viewership of 750,000 weekly viewers.[2] These low ratings occurred despite the show having Desperate Housewives as a lead in, which at the time was attracting over 2 million viewers a week.

It was thought by critics that Last Man Standing appealed only to "inner city lefties", unlike past successful Australian dramas such as Blue Heelers and All Saints which have more widespread demographic appeal.

Given that a full 22 episodes had been filmed before the series began airing, the Seven Network aired consistent repeats to allow the show to find an audience. Ratings didn't climb, however, and in early September, the network announced the show's cancellation. The series finale aired on 25 October. This episode ended in a cliffhanger, which - due to the show's cancellation - will remain unresolved.

The series began its airing in the UK on the FX channel in early 2006.

The series began its airing in Finland on the Sub (formerly known as Subtv) channel in June 2007.[3]

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