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The Last Man Standing Coop (LMS) Mod is a Doom 3 single player and multiplayer modification. It blends elements from Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 together into an "LMS Mod" gametype to create a classic Doom experience in a modern environment. The "LMS Mod" gametype is survival in nature, where the player faces swarms of attacking monsters. The mod also fully supports cooperative play in the campaigns of Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (the expansion pack, which does not have coop support in the Xbox port). Cooperative support for the Classic Doom 3 modification was implemented in version 3.0 (February 23, 2006).

"LMS Mod" gametype[edit]

Three distinct map types are present in the "LMS Mod" gametype: Killfest, where players must kill as many monsters as possible; Progression, where the players progress through custom-made levels similar to Doom 3 campaign levels; and Defense, where players are forced to hold off a certain area, protect a VIP, and/or progress backwards, holding off an invasion force of monsters until a timer runs out or an objective is completed.

Exclusive to the gametype is infrared view, which enables players to see monsters more clearly in the dark. Unique weapons include a double-barrelled shotgun reminiscent of Doom II‍ '​s, a plasma-based flamethrower, and a "Plasma Sniper" weapon. A wrench, which bears many similarities to the flashlight in combat, replaces the fists as a melee weapon.

Each level is assigned with a song from the soundtrack featuring several heavy metal songs. Musicians and bands include Skaven, Neurosphere, and Switchblade Masquerade.


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