Last Ninja 3

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Last Ninja 3
Lastninja3-c64 cover01.jpg
Cover art for the Commodore 64
Developer(s) System 3
Publisher(s) Commodore Gaming
Kixx (re-release)
Producer(s) Mark Cale
Designer(s) Tim Best
Programmer(s) Dave Collins
Artist(s) Paul Docherty
Robin Levy
Guy Jeffries
Composer(s) Reyn Ouwehand
Series The Last Ninja
Platform(s) Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST (1991)
Amiga CD32 (1993)
Virtual Console (2008)
Release 1991
Genre(s) Action-adventure game
Mode(s) Single player

Last Ninja 3 is an action-adventure video game that was developed and published by System 3 for the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST in 1991. It is a sequel to the 1988 game Last Ninja 2.


Development and release[edit]

System 3's Mark Cale felt that the game was "by no means the best entry in the series", blaming the breakup of the original Last Ninja series team. In 2005, he said: "When working with such talented people as John Twiddy and Hugh Riley, there was always a certain amount of magic and things just flowed. With some other developers, they were always trying to escape the nemesis of the past. I think the programmers on Ninja 3 were always trying to outdo John Twiddy, rather than make a great game. It wasn’t as good as it should have been."[1]

Last Ninja 3 was re-released on the Virtual Console in Europe in 2010, but was discontinued due to a bug in the game that was unable to be fixed, which resulted in the game freezing after the first level.


According to Mark Cale, about 3 million copies of the game were sold.[1] The game was very well received by the press. The Amiga version reviews included the review scores of 81% from Amiga Format,[2] 80% Amiga Power,[3] 90% from CU Amiga,[4] and 90% from The One.[5] The C64 version was acclaimed even more, including the scores of 94% from Computer + Video Games[6] and 93% from Zzap!.[7]


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