Last of the Sharpshooters

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Last of the Sharpshooters
Last of the Sharpshooters.jpg
Studio album by Down by Law
Released August 26, 1997
Genre Punk rock
Label Epitaph
Down by Law chronology
All Scratched Up
Last of the Sharpshooters
Fly the Flag

Last of the Sharpshooters is the fifth full length album by Down by Law that was released in 1997.

Dave Smalley from Down by Law later formed a side project called The Sharpshooters in 1998.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "USA Today"
  2. "No Equalizer"
  3. "Call To Arms"
  4. "Guns Of '96"
  5. "Get Out"
  6. "Burning Heart"
  7. "Question Marks & Periods"
  8. "Urban Napalm"
  9. "D.J.G."
  10. "Concrete Times"
  11. "No One Gets Away"
  12. "The Last Goodbye"
  13. "Factory Day"
  14. "The Cool Crowd"
  15. "Self-Destruction"