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Laszlo Mail
Developer(s) Laszlo Systems
Stable release
1.3 / Dec, 2006
Operating system Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Webmail
License Commercial
Website Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Mail is a commercial webmail product developed by Laszlo Systems, located in San Mateo, CA. The Laszlo Mail software may be purchased for installation and deployment on a company's webserver, or individuals may sign up for a free account at The commercial product was initially introduced in Nov 2004.[1] Laszlo Systems launched as a free service in Nov 2005,[2] running in parallel to its commercial offering. Laszlo Mail requires a Flash player compatible with Flash version 8 or later.[3] A DHTML version of Laszlo Mail is currently under development.[4]

Laszlo Mail is developed using OpenLaszlo.


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