Late-September 2006 tornado outbreak

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Late–September 2006 tornado outbreak
Type Tornado outbreak
Duration September 21–23, 2006
Tornadoes confirmed 48 confirmed
Max rating1 F4 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 ~51 hours
Damage $13 million
Casualties ≥ 14 tornado-related injuries; 12 non-tornadic deaths (8 in Kentucky)[1]
Areas affected Midwestern and Southern United States

1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

2Time from first tornado to last tornado

The Late-September 2006 tornado outbreak was a significant tornado outbreak that occurred across a large swath of the Central United States from September 21 – September 23, 2006. 48 tornadoes were confirmed.


Some of the September 22 storms caused heavy damage in some locales with injuries. The strongest tornado hit Crosstown, Missouri - it was an F4 tornado, the first since March 12. Several well constructed structures in Crosstown were completely leveled, and hundreds of others were severely damaged. Areas just outside Pilot Knob, a small town in Missouri, were affected by two separate F2 tornadoes that caused considerable damage. The northern fringe of Metropolis in Illinois was also hit by a damaging F3 tornado in which homes were completely destroyed. In eastern and central Missouri alone, over 400 homes or other structures were badly damaged or destroyed. 10 people were injured.[1] Several tornadoes also occurred north of Birmingham, Alabama - three of which were rated as F2's. In addition to the tornadoes, there were numerous reports of straight-line wind damage and hail larger than baseballs, as well as countless reports of damage from flash flooding due to the heavy rains as a result of the thunderstorms.

This was one of the most widespread non-tropical September outbreaks in US history, yet no tornado-related deaths occurred (although 12 people were killed by other thunderstorm impacts).[1]

Confirmed tornadoes[edit]

Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
21 17 8 1 1 0 48

September 21 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F1 Russell area Russell 1901 unknown Tornado damaged two sheds, blew the roof off of an oil field pipeline building, and blew the windows out of a home.[2]
F0 NE of Lincoln to SE of Solomon Rapids Lincoln, Mitchell 2013 unknown Tornado struck a farmstead, damaging a few outbuildings, a TV antennae, and a house.[3][4]
F0 SW of Beloit Mitchell 2032 unknown Tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[5]
F0 E of Barnard Lincoln 2116 unknown Brief tornado remained over open country with no damage.[6]
F0 W of Culver Ottawa 2140 unknown Tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[7]
F0 N of Minneapolis Ottawa 2140 unknown Tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[8]
F1 S of Lane to E of Farris Atoka 0125 0.4 mile
(600 m)
Many trees were downed, and several feed barns were destroyed with some of the 2x4's driven through the roof of the residence at a farmstead. Sheet metal was wrapped around trees.[9]
F0 W of Antlers Pushmataha 0125 0.4 mile
(600 m)
Trees were downed and some homes sustained minor damage.[10]
F0 NW of Antlers Pushmataha 0128 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Tornado destroyed a storage building and snapped trees.[11]
F0 SW of Forked Island Vermilion unknown unknown Brief tornado downed power poles.[12]
F0 W of Erath Vermilion unknown unknown Tornado downed trees, and damaged mobile homes and portable structures.[13]
F1 N of Delcambre Vermilion, Iberia unknown unknown Ten homes and mobile homes were damaged, one of which was completely destroyed. Trees were downed as well.[14]
F0 SW of Coteau St. Martin unknown unknown Tornado touched down in an open field with no damage.[15]
F1 N of Wickes Polk unknown unknown Tornado downed or snapped dozens of trees, with two houses damaged and a parked automobile crushed by fallen trees. Two storage buildings were also overturned.[16]
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 09/21, Wichita office, Tulsa office, Hastings office, KCTV

September 22 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F1 St. James Phelps 1920 3 miles
(5 km)
Industrial buildings sustained major damage, and homes lost large sections of their roofs. Trees were snapped, RVs were flipped, and semi-trailers were overturned as well. St. James Middle School sustained roof damage. Two people were injured.[17]
F0 Leasburg Crawford 1940 3 miles
(5 km)
Several homes in town sustained minor roof and siding damage.[18]
F1 S of Leasburg to NE of Hinch Crawford 1945 10 miles
(16 km)
7 homes sustained varying degrees of damage, mostly to their roofs, siding, and windows. Two machine sheds were destroyed, and many trees were downed as well.[19]
F2 SE of Oates to E of Pilot Knob Reynolds, Iron 2010 25 miles
(40 km)
Near the beginning of the path, the roofs of a barn and two homes were damaged. The tornado developed a multiple-vortex structure as it passed north of Black, where a manufactured home was heavily damaged and shifted 30 feet. Vehicles were tossed up to 50 yards away from where they originated, and an uninhabited home was completely destroyed further east.[20] The tornado then crossed into Iron County, where 5 homes sustained roof and exterior damage, and a mobile home was flipped on its side. Two homes also sustained damage from falling trees near Snow Hollow Lake. Near Pilot Knob, a mobile home sustained moderate damage, a machine shed was destroyed, and numerous homes sustained roof damage before the tornado dissipated. Many trees and power poles were snapped along the path.[21]
F1 SW of Richwoods Washington 2015 3 miles
(5 km)
Tornado damaged the roof of a home and produced significant damage to trees. Debris from the house was thrown 200 yards to the southeast.[22]
F1 E of Richwoods to NW of Fletcher Washington, Jefferson 2020 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Two pole barns sustained roof damage and many trees were downed.[23]
F1 Fletcher Jefferson 2020 1.3 miles
(2 km)
Many trees were snapped in town, and a mobile home sustained minor damage.[24]
F2 E of Roselle to E of Mine La Motte Madison, St. Francois 2030 18 miles
(29 km)
Tornado first caused tree damage near Fredericktown before splitting into a double funnel east of town, where over 25 homes, mobile homes and machine sheds sustained varying degrees of damage. The tornado merged back into a single funnel and inflicted F1 to F2 damage to four homes, scattering debris up to 100 yards away. Further east, the tornado again split into a double funnel, damaging four homes and completely destroying a mobile home, scattering debris up to 150 yards away. The tornado once again merged back into a single funnel, snapping thousands of trees near a small lake and damaging four homes in that area. Towards the end of the path, four homes were damaged and four machine sheds and a garage were destroyed before the tornado dissipated. One person was critically injured.[25][26]
F2 SW of Silver Lake Perry 2047 6 miles
(9.5 km)
Near the beginning of the path, a farm building was leveled, roofs were torn off of houses, and dozens of acres of trees were flattened. A barn was destroyed and many other trees were downed further east. At Lake Perry, recreational vehicles were overturned and damaged by falling trees.[27]
F4 SE of Perryville to N of Murphysboro, IL Perry, Jackson (IL) 2107 27.5 miles
(44 km)
Tornado first destroyed a barn and partially unroofed a two-story house near Friedenberg, and blew trees onto another house. The tornado unroofed another home further east before growing into a large F4 wedge tornado and striking Crosstown. Major structural damage occurred in Crosstown, with multiple homes and businesses heavily damaged or destroyed. A church and a nearby brick building lost their roofs, vehicles were flipped, and trees were mangled. Four well-constructed homes in town were completely leveled, one of which had only its bolted-down floor left. East of town, the tornado weakened to F3 intensity and destroyed a modular home, leaving only the bathroom standing. Outbuildings were destroyed, two people were moderately injured in this area when the vehicle they were driving was tossed into a house. In Perry County alone, 62 homes were destroyed, 17 had major damage, and 23 received minor damage. The tornado then crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois, pushing a coal barge into the shoreline and blowing out the tugboat's windows. In Illinois, the tornado weakened to F2 intensity, destroying a mobile home and tearing the roof and a wall off of a farmhouse. Further east, a home was unroofed, another home had an added-on room torn off, a swing set was blown 200 yards and wrapped around a mailbox, an empty tractor trailer rig was overturned, and an empty grain bin was blown 100 yards into a field. Near Route 3, the tornado unroofed a brick home, snapped power poles, and flattened large areas of corn in farm fields. At the Kinkaid Lake marina, about 50 RV's and boats were damaged, and minor tree damage occurred farther east before the tornado dissipated. Hundreds of trees were snapped along the path, and 6 people were injured. Roofing and siding reportedly rained from the sky in Du Quoin, Illinois following the event.[28][29]
F2 NW of Pilot Knob Iron 2210 5 miles
(8 km)
Second tornado of the outbreak to pass near Pilot Knob. Tornado destroyed a mobile home and severely damaged a ranch home. Numerous trees were downed near Snow Hollow Lake.[30]
F1 E of Neelyville Butler 0057 0.25 mile (400 m) A large tree was blown down. One home had roof damage and siding blown off. Several small branches were impaled into the side of the house where the siding had been blown off.[31]
F2 SW of Locust Fork Blount 2302 1.3 miles
(2 km)
One mobile home and one barn were completely destroyed. Two automobiles and one motorcycle were lifted from inside a barn and thrown at least 50 yards. Numerous trees and power lines were downed along the path.[32]
F2 S of Locust Fork Blount 2320 0.25 miles
(400 m)
A workshop building and a house that was under construction collapsed. Other homes sustained shingle damage, and several trees were downed.[33]
F2 Oneonta Blount 0015 4.1 miles
(6.5 km)
Numerous trees and power lines were blown down along the path. Oneonta High School suffered significant damage to its football field press box, and two concession stands were destroyed. The high school structure also sustained roof damage. The Blount County Courthouse sustained roof damage and many flagpoles were broken. Several homes and outbuildings received major damage, and a local gas station had its canopy blown off. Three people were injured, one seriously.[34]
F1 Albertville Marshall unknown 3.2 miles (5.5 km) Several homes in southwest Albertville sustained roof, gutter, and awning damage. Several trees were downed as well.[35]
F0 N of Littleville Colbert unknown unknown Brief tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[36]
F0 N of Arab Marshall unknown unknown A tornado was photographed near Highway 69. Several trees were downed in this area, though it is not certain if this was a direct result of the tornado.[37]
F3 NE of Metropolis to NE of Hampton, KY Massac, Pope, Livingston (KY) 2035 unknown At the north edge of Metropolis, a well-built log home was completely destroyed, with the roof and a wall thrown about a half-mile away. Another house nearby sustained major damage and four mobile homes were destroyed, along with garages and outbuildings. Part of a double wide mobile home blew into a church sanctuary. Six vehicles were tossed up to 100 yards away from where they originated, one of which landed in a pond. Hundreds of trees and power poles were snapped in this area. Intermittent tree damage occurred further east, and a radio tower and some power lines were downed near Bay City before the tornado crossed into Kentucky. In Kentucky, one mobile home was destroyed, and roofs were partially torn off of two houses. Eighteen homes sustained minor damage, consisting mostly of roofing and siding blown off. 20 barns were heavily damaged or destroyed. Six silos were destroyed before the tornado dissipated, including two of rebar-reinforced concrete construction. Two people were injured.[38][39][40]
F0 S of Radom Washington 2155 unknown Brief tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[41]
F0 S of Valley City Pike 2225 unknown Brief tornado remained over open country and caused no damage.[42]
F0 North Chicago Cook 2300 unknown Small tornado occurred near Loyola University. Trees and tree limbs were downed before the tornado moved out over Lake Michigan.[43]
F1 W of Sheridan to NE of Dixon Crittenden, Webster 2135 40 miles
(64 km)
In Crittenden County, an unanchored mobile home was destroyed, along with several outbuildings. Several homes sustained minor roof damage, and others were damaged by falling trees. The tornado entered Webster County and struck Dixon, where two homes received major damage, and numerous others sustained minor damage. There was extensive roof damage at an apartment building and a grocery store as well. Numerous trees and power lines were downed along the path.[44][45]
F1 Whitesville Daviess 0048 4 miles
(7 km)
Tornado skipped through town, where several small outbuildings were destroyed and several telephone poles were snapped off. Generally minor roof damage occurred to several houses. A mobile home and a modular home had extensive roof damage.[46]
F1 SE of Oscar Ballard unknown 2 miles
(3.2 km)
One house received roof damage, and a tree limb fell onto the porch. Two empty grain bins were blown away, one of which was found a quarter-mile from where it originated. An auger was damaged, and a nearly full propane tank was rolled off its blocks. A damage path was visible through a soybean field, and several trees were snapped as well.[40]
F0 E of Sedalia Graves unknown unknown A large tree was downed, along with several other small pieces of vegetation.[47]
F1 N of Jackson Madison 0105 unknown One house had its front porch torn off, and several other homes and barns suffered roof damage. Several trees were knocked down, some of which fell on homes.[48]
F0 SE of Rush Marion unknown 0.3 miles
(500 m)
Damage limited to a few trees. Funnel cloud only touched down because it was on a hilltop.[49]
F1 SE of Myron Izard unknown 3.7 miles
(6 km)
Dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted.[50]
F1 S of Ash Flat Izard, Sharp unknown 8 miles
(12.5 km)
Damage in Izard County was limited to trees that were snapped or uprooted. In Sharp County, tornado damaged several homes, with mostly roof damage noted. A mobile home and recreational vehicle were overturned, and another mobile home was partially destroyed. The tornado also snapped or uprooted dozens of more trees before dissipating.[51]
F2 E of Saddle to NW of Dalton Fulton, Sharp, Randolph unknown 13 miles
(21 km)
In Fulton County, the tornado destroyed a home, and caused damage to several other homes. Hundreds of trees were downed, with one tree landing on a pickup truck.[52] The tornado then entered Sharp County and tracked south of Wirth, where two barns were heavily damaged, with minor damage at several residences. Three stock trailers were also overturned and power poles were downed as well.[53] Minor tree damage occurred near Dalton before the tornado dissipated.[54]
F0 SW of Optimus Stone unknown 5.2 miles
(8.5 km)
Tornado remained in the Ozark National Forest, where several trees were snapped or uprooted.[55]
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 09/22, Springfield office, St. Louis Office Birmingham office Paducah office Huntsville office, Little Rock office, Chicago office

September 23 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F0 SE of Clarksville Montgomery 0920 0.2 mile
(300 m)
Trees were downed and a utility pole was snapped. A shed was destroyed as well.[56]
F0 N of Caledonia Kent 2145 0.5 mile
(800 m)
Roof damage occurred, and mobile homes were moved from their foundations.[57]
F0 Muir Ionia 2210 0.5 mile
(800 m)
Limbs and rotten trees were downed.[58]
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 09/23, Grand Rapids office, Nashville office

Non-tornadic events[edit]

In addition to the tornadoes, severe flooding has been reported in the region. Kentucky was hardest hit by the flooding due to continuous thunderstorms in many areas. Eight people died as a result of the flooding, including a father and his 1-year-old daughter, generally because of people driving cars or walking into floodwaters. In Arkansas, a woman died when a lightning bolt struck her boat and two other people were missing. Another fatality occurred in the state. Finally, in Illinois, an apparent lightning bolt spark a house fire that killed two women.[1] Significant flooding was also reported in southern Indiana, northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, southern Illinois and West Tennessee.

The Louisville area was hard hit, with extensive damage in numerous neighborhoods. Some communities were only accessible by boat. Two of the local pumping stations were also flooded.

Sections of Interstate 64 and 65 in Kentucky were also closed due to the flooding.[59]

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