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Late Bloomer Bride (LBB) is a term first coined by blogger Suzanne E. Henry that means a woman who married for the first time after age 40. After getting engaged at age 39, Henry looked everywhere for marital advice for the older set, but only came upon resources for second-chance type relationship advice after being widowed or divorced. She found nothing for the first-time bride over 40.[1] Thus the term Late Bloomer Bride was born.

Since she found such little information around getting married for the first time as an older woman, Henry decided to chronicle her own experiences to help her and others like her make sense of her post-40 married life. As a result, she created her blog, Late Bloomer Bride. It offers tips on everything from how to manage well-established (and separate) circles of friends to retirement savings and plans to differing political viewpoints to melding two major households into one. She calls it a "memoir with a purpose".[2]


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