Late Junction

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Late Junction
Genre Various, Avant-garde music
Running time 90 minutes (11:00 pm–12:30 am)
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC Radio 3
Hosted by Fiona Talkington
Verity Sharp
Max Reinhardt
Nick Luscombe
Anne Hilde Neset
Mara Carlyle
Recording studio Broadcasting House, London
Air dates since September 1999
Audio format Stereophonic sound

Late Junction is a music programme broadcast on three nights a week by BBC Radio 3. Billed as "an eclectic mix of world music, ranging from the ancient to the contemporary",[1] the programme has a wide musical scope. It is not uncommon to hear medieval ballads juxtaposed with 21st-century electronica, or jazz followed by international folk music followed by an ambient track.[2] Each edition of the programme – which normally starts at 23.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – runs for 90 minutes.


The programme was created soon after Roger Wright took over as controller of BBC Radio 3, as part of changes with which Wright believed that he was addressing "this feeling people had that they didn't want to put Radio 3 on unless they were going to listen carefully".[3] The first programme was broadcast in September 1999 and produced by Antony Pitts.[4][5]

Late Junction won a Sony gold award in 2003 for Music Programming.[6] The comment made at the time was "A radio jewel. Is there a show like this anywhere else in the radio world? Everyone who hears the show falls in love with it. Surprising, revealing, accessible. Brilliantly programmed - a show where the real star is the music."[citation needed]

The programme's main regular presenter is Fiona Talkington and, until March 2013, Verity Sharp was also a regular presenter. Other presenters include Shaheera Asante until 2006, Max Reinhardt, Nick Luscombe, Anne Hilde Neset and Mara Carlyle. While the selection of music to be played in any one programme is the result of a collaboration between producer and presenter, some individual preferences can be detected. Fiona Talkington, for instance, tends to play more conventional jazz and Scandinavian music and Verity Sharp more folk music, especially that featuring fiddle-playing. Nick Luscombe's shows often feature music from Japan.

Regular presenters[edit]


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