Late Starter

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Late Starter
Studio album by Mike Harrison
Released 2006
Genre Rock
Rhythm and Blues
Label Halo
Mike Harrison chronology
Rainbow Rider
(1975)Rainbow Rider1975
Late Starter

Late Starter is the fourth solo album by Mike Harrison, best known as a principal lead vocalist of Spooky Tooth.[1] Released in 2006, it is Harrison's first solo album in over thirty years, following the release of Rainbow Rider in 1975. According to one reviewer, "This is an album haunted by unspoken promises and soulful regret, where hearts are betrayed by love's sweet delusion and sinners pray for forgiveness, delivered in a voice to shatter the strongest of hearts. He might be bloodied by his past, but he's vocally unbowed."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Out Of the Rain (White)
  2. A Fool In Love (Miller)
  3. Jealous Kind (McClinton)
  4. Come Back Baby (Charles)
  5. I Can Give You Everything
  6. Don't Touch Me
  7. You Were Never Mine
  8. Night Time (Sykes)
  9. Your Good Thing Is About To End (Hayes, Porter)
  10. The Rock (Miller)
  11. Sinner's Prayer
  12. Drown In My Own Tears (Glover)
  13. Let's Go Get Stoned (Ashford and Simpson, Armstead)
  14. I've Got Dreams to Remember (Redding)


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