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Lateline (Australia) titlecard.jpg
Genre News and current affairs
Presented by Tony Jones (presenter 1999-2016)
Emma Alberici (2012–present)
David Lipson (2016 - present)
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 26
Executive producer(s) Lisa Whitby
Producer(s) ABC News and Current Affairs
Location(s) Sydney, New South Wales
Editor(s) Chris Schembri
Running time 30 minutes
Original network ABC
ABC News (2010–present)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release 13 February 1990 – present
Related shows The Business (2006 to present)
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Lateline is an Australian television news and current affairs program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, airing weeknights at 9:30 pm on ABC News and at 10:30 pm on ABC TV. It is also broadcast internationally throughout Asia and the Pacific on the Australia Plus Network.

The flagship current affairs program has developed a reputation for setting the agenda when it comes to Australian news. It is well known to feature head-to-head debates on current issues, hard hitting political interviews, and interviews with world leaders. It has been labelled by the influential Crikey magazine as being, "an unmissable current affairs program that almost certainly creates more headlines in the next day's newspapers than any other TV show in the country."[1]


When Lateline premiered on 13 February 1990, it was a thirty-minute single-topic debate forum hosted by Kerry O'Brien, with Ian Carroll as executive producer, and produced in Canberra. Airing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights in 1990 and 1991, and expanding to Monday to Thursday nights from 1992 onwards, the program opened with a seven-minute video piece that attempted to examine the case in a balanced manner, followed by twenty minutes of moderated debate between two and four guests. It was later hosted by Maxine McKew who retired in 2006, before moving into politics.

The most notable aspect of the format at the time was that many guests appeared via satellite. Whether in the studio or on the other side of the world all the guests would appear 'remote', on monitors.

In 2000, an ABC managerial shakeup resulted in the program transferring to Sydney. Lateline was merged with the ABC Late News program, a ten-minute rundown of the day's top stories and important events that occurred during the evening which ran for ten minutes before Lateline. The new Lateline format, now totalling 35 minutes, included news, plus approximately twenty minutes of interview.

Lateline is followed by its sister programme The Business, which commenced on 14 August 2006.

In 2015, the ABC the format of Lateline was changed again, with the show dropping the news updates, and being 30 minutes of current affairs based political interviews, debates, and quirky stories.

Presenters, reporters, and producers[edit]

The show is currently hosted by Emma Alberici on Monday through Thursday, and David Lipson on Friday evenings.

Reporters include Margot O'Neill, John Stewart, Hamish Fitzsimmons, Kerry Brewster, Ginny Stein, Jason Om, Brigid Andersen, David Lipson, Barbara Miller, and Matt Wordsworth. It is produced by Fanou Filali (supervising producer), and Jamie Cummins. The current executive producer is Lisa Whitby who was appointed in 2015.

Fill-in presenters: Jeremy Fernandez, Matt Wordsworth, and John Barron.

Former presenters include: Kerry O'Brien, Maxine McKew, Virginia Trioli, Leigh Sales, Ali Moore, Ticky Fullerton, and Tony Jones.

Recipients of Walkley Awards from Lateline include Maxine McKew in 1998 and Tony Jones, who received Walkley awards for broadcast interviewing in 2004, 2007 & 2011. Reporter Suzanne Smith in 2005 won a Logie Award for "Most Outstanding News Coverage" for her story about sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

In December 2010, ABC announced that Ali Moore would fill the vacancy left by Leigh Sales when she went to 7.30.[2] In December 2011, Ali Moore announced that she would be moving to Singapore with her family. Emma Alberici was announced as her replacement. In January 2017, ABC announced that Tony Jones was taking long service leave. Jones will continue to host Q&A and will work on writing projects throughout the year.[3]

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