Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle

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Lateral cricoarytenoid
Muscles of larynx. Side view. Right lamina of thyroid cartilage removed.
Originlateral part of the arch of the cricoid
Insertionmuscular process of the arytenoid cartilage
Nerverecurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus
Actionsadduct and medially rotate the cartilage, pulling the vocal ligaments towards the midline and backwards and so closing off the rima glottidis
AntagonistPosterior cricoarytenoid muscle
LatinMusculus cricoarytaenoideus lateralis
Anatomical terms of muscle

The lateral cricoarytenoid (also anterior cricoarytenoid) muscles extend from the lateral cricoid cartilage to the muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage. By rotating the arytenoid cartilages medially, these muscles adduct the vocal cords and thereby close the rima glottidis, protecting the airway. (Their action is antagonistic to that of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscles.) The lateral cricoarytenoid muscles receive innervation from the recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve (CN X).

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