Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament

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Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
From Sacrum
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Latin Ligamentum sacrococcygeum laterale
TA A03.2.08.005
FMA 21503
Anatomical terminology

In the human body, the lateral sacrococcygeal ligaments is a pair of ligaments stretching from the lower lateral angles of the sacrum to the transverse processes of the first coccygeal vertebra.

Together with the anterior, posterior, and intercornual sacrococcygeal ligaments, they stabilize the sacrococcygeal symphysis, i.e. the joint between the sacrum and the coccyx.[1]

They complete the foramina for the last sacral nerve[1]

There are up to three lateral sacrococcygeal ligaments on either side of the sacral hiatus.[2]

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