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DVD cover for Lathial
Directed byNarayan Ghosh Mita
Written by
  • Shiekh Fazlur Rahman
  • Zahirul Haque
Screenplay byNarayan Ghosh Mita
Produced byNarayan Ghosh Mita
CinematographyRafiqul Bari Chowdhury
Edited byBoshir Hossain
Distributed byMitali Films
Release date
  • August 22, 1975 (1975-08-22) (Bangladesh)[1]
Running time
97 minutes

Lathial (Bengali: লাঠিয়াল) is a Bangladeshi film directed by Narayan Ghosh Mita.[2] The film is the first recipient of National Film Awards. This film was awarded with 6 different categories including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Director.[3]


Dukhu Mia (Farooque) is a stage performer and his brother Kader Lathial (Anwar Hossain) works for Matbor (Obaidul Haque Sarkar). Dukhu beats Matbor's son Mokbul (A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman) for irritating Banu (Bobita) whom he loves. Matbor complains this to Kader and Kader beat Dukhu for this. This incident becomes the reason of dispute between two brothers. Dukhu leaves home at night and is found by Morol (Narayan Chakraborty) in the bank of river. Dukhu starts a new life there. Banu waits for him and finally one night he comes to meet her. By this time, Matbor sends proposal of marriage of Banu and Mokbul to Banu's father. Kader's wife (Rosy Samad) sends the news to Dukhu but he is going to claim a new river pirate. Matbor is also informed about river pirate at the wedding day. He sends Kader to claim it. Banu and Kader's wife also leaves for the new pirate to stop marrying Mokbul. Dukhu and Kader battles themselves to claim the pirate and all on a sudden Kader hits her wife who is trying to stop them. Then they stop fighting. By this time, Matbor comes and scolds Kader. Kader killed Matbor and announces the villages to own the pirate.



The music of this film was directed by Satya Saha and lyrics were penned by Moniruzzaman Monir and Gazi Mazharul Anwar. Abdul Jabbar, Sabina Yasmin, Syed Abdul Hadi, Khondoker Faruque Ahmed and Mohammad Ali Siddique sang in this film.

Track No. Track Title Singer(s) Lyrics Music Director
1 Shei to Amar Ma Abdul Jabbar Satya Saha
2 Shukher Ashay Sukher Neshay Satya Saha
3 Oi Agune Purbi Satya Saha
4 Ami Kokhono Raja Satya Saha
5 Dekho Dekho Grambasi Satya Saha
6 Ghater Kokil Ghatey Jarey Sabina Yasmin Satya Saha
7 Dholok Bajhe Kashi Bajhe Satya Saha


Award Title Category Awardee Result
National Film Awards Best Film Narayan Ghosh Mita (Producer) Won[5]
Best Director Narayan Ghosh Mita Won
Best Actor Anwar Hossain Won[6]
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Farooque Won
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Rosy Samad Won
Best Editing Boshir Hossain Won

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