Lathyrus nissolia

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Lathyrus nissolia
Lathyrus nissolia eF.jpg
Scientific classification
L. nissolia
Binomial name
Lathyrus nissolia

Lathyrus nissolia, grass vetchling or grass pea[1] is a plant species of the genus Lathyrus. It is native to the most areas in Europe, Maghreb, Levant and the Caucasus.


Grass vetchling is an annual plant, with an erect stem branching from the base, and growing to a height of about 2 feet (0.7 m). It is entirely without true leaves, leaflets or tendrils. The leaf stalk, however, is flattened out until it closely resembles a blade of grass ending in a fine point, and the stipules at its base greatly help the deception.[1]

The flowers, which are crimson in colour, and come out in June and July, are rather small, solitary and borne on a very long footstalk. They have the power of self-pollination.[1]

The flowers are succeeded by long, slender, straight pods, which are at first very flat, but become cylindrical when the contained peas are fully developed.[1]


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