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Latifa Baka (born 1964), is a Moroccan author of novels and short stories.[1]


  • "De Depuis ce temps-là", Ministère de la culture, Rabat, 2005.

Short stories:

  • In "Mediterraneans": Voices from Morocco" ( a quarterly publication, winter 1999), the 11th issue of a bilingual quarterly that showcases the most interesting new writing of Morocco in both English and French ( including short stories, poems and essays written originally in French, standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic) Latifa Baka was presented by an intensely personal short story .
  • In "Zapatos sin tacón", an anthology of Arab female writers, edited by Ami Elad-Bouskila, with stories by Hanan Al-Shaikh and Liana Badr, Latifa Baka contributed the title story. She is said to have a mordant style, faithfully representing the collection as an image and also graphically reflecting the content and message of the others. Baka's vibrant story - is about a group of female patients who escape from their hospital beds, leaping through a window (under the direction of "Patient No. 36, an anarchist"), in order to attend an evening of popular songs.


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