Latifur Rahman (businessman)

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Latifur Rahman
Latifur Rahman.jpg
Native nameলতিফুর রহমান
OccupationIndustrialist, chairman of Transcom Group
Spouse(s)Shahnaz Rahman

Latifur Rahman is a Bangladeshi comprador and businessperson. He serves as the Chairman of Transcom Group[1] which is the local agent or comprador of numerous international brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, Pepsi and Philips.[2]


Rahman started his career as a trainee in 1966 in his family-owned jute mills in Chandpur District. He worked as an executive in the mills until 1971.[3] Rahman established Transcom Group in 1973[4] after W Rahman Jute Mills, the major earning source for the Rahman family, was nationalised in 1972.[5] In the 1980s, Rahman became the sole importer and distributor of Nestlé products in Bangladesh. In the 1990s, he bought Smith, Kline & French, a US-based pharmaceutical which had merged into Beecham Group, a British company, and renamed it Eskayef.[6]

Rahman was elected a member of the executive board of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce for a three-year term in July 2014.[7]

Rahman serves as the Chairman of the following companies.[1]

  • Bangladesh Lamps Ltd
  • Transcom Limited
  • Transcom Beverages Limited
  • Transcom Electronics Limited
  • Eskayef Bangladesh Limited
  • Transcom Foods Limited
  • Transcom Distribution Co Limited
  • Mediastar Limited
  • Transcraft Limited
  • Ayna Broadcasting Corp Limited
  • Tea Holdings Limited
  • Transcom Mobile Limited
  • Transcom Cables Limited
  • Nestle Bangladesh Ltd
  • Mediaworld Ltd
  • Holcim Cement Bangladesh Ltd


Personal life[edit]

Rahman is married to Shahnaz Rahman. Together they have two daughters Simeen Hossain, managing director of Eskayef Bangladesh Limited, Transcom Consumer Products Limited as well as Transcom Distribution Limited; and Shahzreh Huq, and a son, Arshed Waliur Rahman.[10] Another daughter, Shazneen Rahman, was killed at their home in Gulshan, Dhaka in 1998.[11][12] Simeen's youngest son, Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, was killed in the 2016 Gulshan attack.[12][13]


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