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Latin is an Italic language, originally spoken in ancient Rome and its empire.

Latin can also refer to:


  • Latins
  • Latins (Italic tribe), a specific ancient Italic tribe that once inhabited central Italy
  • Latins, the Italic peoples, or Romance peoples, collectively – Italic ethnic groups identified by their use of the Romance languages
  • Latins (Middle Ages), common name for followers of Western Christianity during the Middle Ages
  • Latins, people associated with the various political entities created in the Levant during the Crusades
  • Latins, the historic name all people who followed the Roman Catholic Church, specifically the Latin Church; used in the Eastern Roman Empire and the broader Greek Orthodox world
  • Latins, or Latinos, people of Latin America




Other uses[edit]

  • LATIN, a Latin American newspaper association
  • Latin dance, types of ballroom dance

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