Latin American Poker Tour season 4 results

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Below are the results of the fourth season of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT).[1]


Brazil LAPT São Paulo[edit]

  • Cassino: Sheraton World Trade Center São Paulo
  • Buy-in: R$5,000 (US$3,000)
  • 5 Day-event: February 16–20, 2011
  • Number of buy-ins: 536
  • Total Prize Pool: R$2,391,630 (US$1,449,500)
  • Number of payoutss: 64
  • Winning Hand: 5♣ 6♣
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
1st Chile Alex Manzano R$ 615,840 (US$368,703)
2nd Brazil Joao Neto R$ 352,760 (US$211,197)
3rd Brazil Marcelo Fonseca R$ 224,800 (US$134,588)
4th Brazil Marcio Motta R$ 165,000 (US$98,786)
5th Argentina Leandro Csome R$ 117,190 (US$70,162)
6th Mexico Santiago Nadal R$ 93,270 (US$55,841)
7th Brazil Henrique Bernardes R$ 69,350 (US$41,520)
8th Brazil Bruno Politano R$ 45,440 (US$27,205)

Chile LAPT Viña del Mar[edit]

  • Cassino: Enjoy Viña del Mar Casino & Resort
  • Buy-in: US$1,100
  • 4 Day-event: March 17–20, 2011
  • Number of buy-ins: 621
  • Total Prize Pool: US$602,400
  • Number of Payouts: 48
  • Winning Hand: A♥ J♣
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
1st Brazil Murilo Figueiredo US$146,000
2nd Argentina Andrés Martínez US$84,000
3rd Venezuela Luis Yepes US$57,100
4th Chile Cristiano Urzua US$41,300
5th Brazil Josías Andrade US$32,200
6th Chile Daniela Horno US$26,200
7th New Zealand James Honeybone US$20,200
8th Chile Gonzalo Valenzuela US$14,200
9th Chile Hazin Abraham US$11,700

Peru LAPT Lima[edit]

  • Cassino: Atlantic City Casino
  • Buy-in: US$2,700
  • 5 Day-event: April 13–17, 2011
  • Number of buy-ins: 350
  • Total Prize Pool: US$848.750
  • Number of Payouts: 48
  • Winning Hand: K♣ Q♥
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
1st Peru Kemal Ferri US$207,400
2nd Panama Raul Pino US$120,000
3rd Colombia Pablo Gonzales US$73,540
4th Peru Michel Barham US$54,180
5th Peru Samar Hodali US$38,700
6th Chile Leonardo Zepeda US$30,960
7th Colombia Daniel Ospina US$23,220
8th Puerto Rico Karlo Lopez US$15,480

Uruguay LAPT Punta del Este[edit]

  • Cassino: Mantra Resort SPA Casino
  • Buy-in: US$2,500
  • 5 Day-event: August 3–7, 2011
  • Number of buy-ins: 422
  • Total Prize Pool: US$941.482
  • Number of payouts: 56
  • Winning Hand: J♥ 4♥
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
1st Uruguay Alex Komaromi US$244,720
2nd Argentina Claudio Piedrabuena US$141,220
3rd Venezuela Engelberth Varela US$88,970
4th Peru Carlos Adolfo Watanabe US$65,430
5th Brazil Felipe Pasini US$46,660
6th Brazil Nélson Trad Neto US$37,190
7th Brazil Fernando Araújo US$27,770
8th Brazil Rafael Monteiro US$18,360

Colombia LAPT Colombia[edit]

  • Cassino: Casino Allegre - Centro Comercial Premium Plaza
  • Buy-in: Col$ 1,980,000 (approx. US$1,036.00)
  • 5-day event: October 12–16, 2011
  • Number of buy-ins: 681
  • Total Prize Pool: COL$1,189,026.000 (approx. US$684,528.50)
  • Number of payouts: 63
  • Winning Hand: 4♠ 4♥
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
1st Argentina Julian Menendez COP$ 288.329.000 (approx. USD$ 165,992.50)
2nd Colombia Jonathan Monsalves COP$ 165.869.000 (approx. USD$ 95,491.65)
3rd Ecuador Jessica Bedoya COP$ 111.768.000 (approx. USD$ 64,345.42)
4th Colombia Victor Mauricio Forero COP$ 81.448.000 (approx. USD$ 46,890.04)
5th Colombia Alexis Agudelo Gomez COP$ 63.613.000 (approx. USD$ 36,622.33)
6th Australia Stuart McDonald COP$ 51.723.000 (approx. USD$ 29,777.20)
7th Colombia Rafael Pardo COP$ 39.832.000 (approx. USD$ 22,931.50)
8th Ecuador Jonathan Markovitz COP$ 27.942.000 (approx. USD$ 16,086.35)
9th Colombia John Jairo Canola COP$ 23.186.000 (approx. USD$ 13,348.30)

Brazil LAPT Grand Final São Paulo Carnival Poker Festival[edit]

  • Cassino: Sheraton World Trade Center São Paulo
  • Buy-in: R$4,000 (US$2,300)
  • 4 Day-event: February 17–20, 2012
  • Number of buy-ins: 367
  • Total Prize pool: R$1,317,200 (US$766,000)
  • Number of payouts: 48
  • Winning Hand: 7♥ 5♣
Final Table
Pos. Name Prize
Germany Daniele Nestola R$ 324,600 (approx. USD$ 188,721)
Venezuela Gasperino Nicolas R$ 214,700 (approx. USD$ 124,826)
Chile Carlos Ibarra R$ 148,840 (approx. USD$ 86,535)
Chile Felipe Morbiducci R$ 89,570 (approx. USD$ 52,076)
Ecuador Jonathan Markovits R$ 64,540 (approx. USD$ 37,523)
Canada Daniel Negreanu R$ 48,730 (approx. USD$ 28,331)
Brazil Vitor Torres R$ 35,560 (approx. USD$ 20,674)
Argentina Juan Gonzalez R$ 26,340 (approx. USD$ 15,314)


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