Latin American Table Tennis Cup

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The Latin American Table Tennis Cup is an annual table tennis competition being held since 2011. It consists of Men's and Women's Singles events. Only 12 invited players and no more than 3 players per association are allowed to participate in each event.[1] Starting from 2013, it is recognised as the qualification event for the Table Tennis World Cup.[2] The competitions are organized by the Latin American Table Tennis Union and sanctioned by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and classified as R3 in rating weightings, B4 in bonus weightings in the ITTF world ranking.[3]


Men's singles[edit]

Year Host City Gold Silver Bronze
2011 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Gustavo Tsuboi[4] Paraguay Marcelo Aguirre Argentina Liu Song

Brazil Cazuo Matsumoto

2012 San José Brazil Thiago Monteiro[5] Argentina Liu Song Argentina Gastón Alto

Brazil Cazuo Matsumoto

2013 Santo Domingo Brazil Thiago Monteiro[6] Dominican Republic Lin Ju Brazil Gustavo Tsuboi
2014 Asunción Brazil Cazuo Matsumoto Mexico Marcos Madrid Brazil Gustavo Tsuboi
2015 Havana Brazil Gustavo Tsuboi Brazil Cazuo Matsumoto Ecuador Alberto Miño

Women's singles[edit]

Year Host City Gold Silver Bronze
2011 Rio de Janeiro Dominican Republic Wu Xue[4] Mexico Yadira Silva Colombia Paula Medina

Brazil Jessica Yamada

2012 San José Brazil Caroline Kumahara[5] Puerto Rico Carelyn Cordero Colombia Paula Medina

Venezuela Fabiola Ramos

2013 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Wu Xue[6] Mexico Yadira Silva Brazil Caroline Kumahara
2014 Asunción Brazil Caroline Kumahara Brazil Lígia Silva Venezuela Gremlis Arvelo
2015 Havana Brazil Caroline Kumahara Brazil Gui Lin Brazil Lígia Silva


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