List of Latin Americans of Spanish descent

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Since the vast majority of Latin Americans from Spanish-speaking countries have at least partial Spanish descent, this is a list of important people in Latin America who have at least one parent or two grandparents who were born in Spain.

Artists, photographers and fashion designers[edit]

TV and Cinema[edit]


  • Miguel Bosé- Spanish singer with Colombian citizenship
  • Gloria Estefan - Cuban singer, half Spanish and half Cuban.
  • Juanes - Colombian singer, Basque ancestry from his father.
  • Ernesto Lecuona (1895, Cuba - 1963, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain) Cuban composer and pianist.[1]
  • Ricky Martin- Puerto Rican singer, part Catalan ancestry.
  • Luis Miguel- Puerto Rican by birth,raised in Mexico half Spanish.
  • Shakira- Colombian singer, part Catalan ancestry.

Government and military[edit]



  • Juanita García Peraza- Founder of the "Mita congregation", the only Protestant religion of Puerto Rican origin.

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