Latinerkvarteret, Aarhus

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Latin Quarter
Pustervig Square
Pustervig Square
Latin Quarter is located in Aarhus
Latin Quarter
Latin Quarter
Coordinates: 56°09′32″N 10°12′32″E / 56.159°N 10.209°E / 56.159; 10.209
Country Kingdom of Denmark
Regions of Denmark Central Denmark Region
Municipality Aarhus Municipality
District Aarhus C
Postal code 8000

Latinerkvarteret (lit.: The Latin Quarter) in Aarhus, is the oldest part of the city and is itself part of the inner city. The quarter comprise the streets of Badstuegade, Klostergade, Volden, Studsgade, Borggade, Rosensgade, Mejlgade and Graven, with Pustervig Torv as the main square.

The name Latinerkvarteret was officially adopted in the 1990s and reflects the areas similarities with the Latin Quarter of Paris. Some of the oldest houses date back to the 16th century. Latinerkvarteret is a busy center for shopping, there are many cafés and restaurants here and it has an active night life. The businesses of the area, has organised themselves in the local association of Latinerkvarteret Aarhus, but some are also represented in the larger business-organisation of Aarhus City Forening.

Latinerkvarteret has a rich cultural life with stages for live music, educations for dance and street performance (with circus skills) and studios, galleries and workshops for visual arts for example.[1][2][3] The milieu here, has given birth to prominent enterprises such as the KaosPilots.


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Coordinates: 56°09′32″N 10°12′32″E / 56.159°N 10.209°E / 56.159; 10.209