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The Latin Rhythm Airplay chart comprises singles and tracks from artists who represent the Hispanic rhythmic/Hurban genre, which includes Reggaeton, Hispanic R&B/Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Pop/Dance and crossovers from English-language and/or bilingual acts. This chart was introduced on the week of August 13, 2005 and came about as a result of radio stations tapping into the growing second and third generation Hispanic audience who wanted a Spanish-speaking or bilingual alternative to the (English-language Mainstream, Rhythmic, and R&B/Hip-Hop) formats that they felt would represent them. In its publication, the chart goes through a rotation and is posted every other week taking place of the Latin Tropical Airplay while the online database is posted every week. "Lo Que Pasó, Pasó" by Daddy Yankee was the first number-one song on the chart.[1]

Only a few female artists have been able to reach the top ten of the chart, these include reggaetón singer Ivy Queen, who currently has seven top-ten, two of them number-one singles, Nina Sky, who appeared on Tony Touch's "Play That Song", Latin pop singers Shakira and RBD, and American R&B singers Beyoncé Knowles, Cassie, and Keyshia Cole.[2] Ivy Queen became the first woman to top the chart in 2008, when her single "Dime" reached number one.[3] Jennifer Lopez is the female artist with the most number-ones, with four.[4]

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