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Latin Place Names
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Users of Neo-Latin have taken the Latin language to places the Romans never went; hence a need arose to make Latin names of mountains that did not exist when Latin was a living language.

Strategies for constructing Latin names[edit]

List of names[edit]

Latin English name (other names, older names, location)
Aegaleus¹ Mount Aegaleus, Piraeus, Greece
Aenos Mount Ainos, Kefallinia/Cephallonia, Greece
Aetna¹ Mount Etna, Sicily
Albus, Mons Mont Blanc, France and Italy
Alpis (ranges) Alps, France to Austria
Alpis Australia? Australian Alps, New South Wales
Andes (ranges) Andes, Chile to Colombia
Aroania¹ Mount Aroania/Chelmos, Greece
Atlas¹ (ranges) Atlas Mountains, NW Africa
Carpathi (ranges) Carpathians, Czech Republic to Romania
Caucasus Caucasus mountains, Georgia to Azerbaijan
Cyllene¹ Mount Cyllene, Kylléne
Dalmatia (Alpis) Dalmatian Mountains, Dalmatia, S Croatia, West Balkans
Dirphys¹ Mount Dirphys, Greece
Elbrus Mount Elbrus, Caucasus
Erymanthus¹ Mount Erymanthus (Olonos)
Eryx Monte San Giuliano, Sicily
Helicon¹ Mount Helicon, Greece
Herminius Mons Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Hymettus¹ Mount Hymettus, Greece
Libani Mons Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
Minthe¹ Mount Minthe, Ilia, Greece
Oenoe¹ Mount Oenoe, Greece
Olympicus (montes) Olympic Mountains, Washington
Olympus Mons¹ (Asia Minor) Mount Olympus, W Turkey
Olympus Mons¹ (Cyprus) Mount Olympus, Cyprus
Olympus Mons¹ Mount Olympus, Greece
Olympus Mons¹ (N. Zelandia) Mount Olympus, New Zealand
Olympus Mons¹ (Tenn.) Mount Olympus, Tennessee
Olympus Mons¹ (UT) Mount Olympus, Utah
Olympus Mons¹ (Vasingtonia, Olympicus) Mount Olympus, Washington
Ossa¹ Mount Ossa, Thessaly, Greece
Ossa (Tasmania) Mount Ossa, Tasmania, Australia
Parnassus¹ Mount Parnassus, Greece
Pentele¹ Pentele
Pholoe¹ Mount Pholoe, Greece
Pindus¹ Pindus, Pindos
Parnetha¹ Mount Parnetha, Parnitha, Greece
Regius (Mons) Mount Royal, Quebec
Rhodopes¹ Rhodopes
Scollis¹ Mount Scollis, Greece
Sudeti (ranges) Sudetes, Poland to Czech Republic
Taurus¹ (ranges) Taurus Mountains, S Turkey
Taygetus¹ Mount Taygetus, Taygetos
Transylvania Transylvania, N Romania
Vergina Mount Vergina, Greece
Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius, Italy
  1. Latinized form of a Greek-derived mountain name

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