Laton Waterfall

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Laton Waterfall
Waterfall Laton.jpg
Laton Waterfall
Location Astara, Iran
Coordinates Coordinates: 38°19′16″N 48°43′43″E / 38.321178°N 48.728661°E / 38.321178; 48.728661
Total height 105 m (344 ft)
Watercourse Spinas Mountain
World height ranking Iran (1)

Latun (Barzov) Waterfall is a freefalling waterfall located in the eastern Alborz mountain range and in Lavandavil, Astara County, within Gilan Province of far northwestern Iran.


The height of the waterfall is 105 metres (344 ft).[1] [2] It is located in the between Hashtpar and the city of Astara on the Caspian Sea.


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