Latrobe High School

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Latrobe High School
Latrobe, Tasmania Tasmania
Coordinates 41°14′10″S 146°25′27″E / 41.236°S 146.42412°E / -41.236; 146.42412Coordinates: 41°14′10″S 146°25′27″E / 41.236°S 146.42412°E / -41.236; 146.42412
Type Public, Co-education, High School
Motto Strength and Stability (Fortis et Stabilis)
Established 1964
Enrolment 400+
Colour(s) Yellow / Blue / Maroon

Latrobe High School is a co-educational public 7-10 high school in Latrobe, Tasmania.[1]

The formation of the Latrobe High School was when the then Latrobe School separated into the Latrobe High School and Latrobe Primary School.

Latrobe High School opened on 4th February 1964[2] with an initial enrolment of 263 students. The school had not been completed, only nine rooms and a shelter area were available to staff and students at the time.

In 2015 the Latrobe High School underwent a major refurbishment.[3]

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