Latvian National Armed Forces Staff Battalion

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NAF Staff Battalion
NBS Štāba Bataljons
Militārā parāde pie Brīvības pieminekļa (6334479574).jpg
The battalion during a parade in Riga in 2011.
Active 1919 - 1940
1992 - present
Country  Latvia
Part of Latvian Armed Forces
NAF Staff Battalion emblem Latvian National Armed Forces Staff Battalion emblem.svg

NAF Staff Battalion (Latvian: NBS Štāba Bataljons) was formed in 1992 in need to reestablish the national and military traditions and rituals of the Republic of Latvia. The Battalion is a separate unit directly subordinate to the NAF Commander.


Soldiers of the battalion at the Freedom Monument in Riga.
The troops of company during the 2017 Kiev Independence Day Parade.
A color guard of the battalion representing Latvia during a parade in Italy in 2007.
Members of the battalion welcoming the Chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament in Riga in 2012.

Though one of the main tasks of the NAF Staff Battalion is to participate in military ceremonies and rituals, it also provides other knowledge and skills required by soldiers. The Battalion has established good cooperation with various schools and has organized diverse military sports activities off site. The Battalion has also welcomed several delegations to its base.[1]

The NAF Central Military band is a part of the Staff Battalion. The Band’s musicians participate in official ceremonies as demanded by national protocol, various events organized by the Minister of Defense and the NAF Commander, as well as other top military ceremonies.

The main mission of the NAF Staff Battalion is to:

  • Provide the Honor Guards at the Freedom Monument and the Riga Palace;
  • Participate in military ceremonies and parades whenever the NAF are involved;
  • Guard the Ministry of Defense and NAF installations located within the Riga garrison.
Staff Orchestra of the Latvian National Armed Forces.


Several foreign conductors have contributed to the professional growth of the orchestra with concerts prepared and conducted by bandmasters from different countries. The NAF Staff band has participated in several international military brass band festivals in Europe with great success.