Latvian Security Service of Parliament and State President

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Security Service of the Parliament and State President emblem
Car of the Security Service near Riga Castle

Security Service of the Parliament and State President of the Republic of Latvia (Latvian: Saeimas un Valsts prezidenta drošības dienests (DD)) was a separate unit of the National Armed Forces. It provided security to the Parliament and State President, guarded objects, institutions and persons of national importance. Beginning with January 1, 2009, the Security Service was merged into the Latvian Military Police which now carries out the duties of the Security Service [1].


Security Service agents before examination of an explosive device

The main mission of the Security Service was to:

  • Provide security for the State President, his/her family members, the State President’s Chancellery and Residence;
  • Provide security to Members of Parliament, the Presidium of the Parliament and its affiliated institutions (objects);
  • Provide security to foreign officials and representatives of international organizations during their official visits to Latvia


The Security Service maintained close cooperation with the State Chancellery. While providing security to high-level officials in Latvia and abroad, the Security Service also coordinated its activities with the respective foreign security service. Security Service soldiers have demonstrated their excellent fitness in diverse NAF sports games, where they are frequently awarded first prize at individual and team sports. As of 2009, the Security Service no longer exists as a separate unit, having been merged with the Military Police.


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