Latvian independence and democracy poll, 1991

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An independence poll was held in Latvia on 3 March 1991,[1] alongside a similar referendum in the Republic of Estonia. Known as the "Popular Survey about the independence of the Republic of Latvia", voters were asked "are you in favour of a democratic and independent Republic of Latvia".[2] It was approved by 74.9% of voters, with a turnout of 87.6%.[2] Latvian Republic civilians registered in Soviet Army units also had the right to vote in this poll.[3]

The independence of Latvia was finally restored on August 21, 1991.


Choice Votes %
For 1,227,562 74.9
Against 411,374 25.1
Invalid/blank votes 27,192
Total 1,666,128 100
Registered voters/turnout 1,902,802 87.6
Source: [4]

Comparison of results in all Baltic states[edit]

Similar independence referendums were also held in Estonia on 3 March 1991 and on 9 February in Lithuania.

Latvia Estonia Lithuania
Registered voters/turnout 87.6 82.9 84.7
For (%) 74.9 78.4 93.2
Against (%) 25.1 21.6 6.8
National minorities in 1991 (%) 48 40 20

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