Latyan Dam

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latyan Dam
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Latyan Dam is located in Iran
Latyan Dam
Location of latyan Dam in Iran
Official name سد لتیان
Location Lavasan, Tehran Province, Iran
Coordinates 35°47′24.25″N 51°40′42.63″E / 35.7900694°N 51.6785083°E / 35.7900694; 51.6785083Coordinates: 35°47′24.25″N 51°40′42.63″E / 35.7900694°N 51.6785083°E / 35.7900694; 51.6785083
Purpose Water supply, power
Construction began 1963
Opening date 1967
Dam and spillways
Impounds Jajrood River
Height 107 m (351 ft)
Length 450 m (1,480 ft)
Width (base) 99 m (325 ft)
Total capacity 95,000,000 m3 (77,000 acre·ft)
Power station
Commission date 1969/1987
Type Conventional
Turbines 2 x 22.5 MW
Installed capacity 45 MW

Latyan Dam (Persian: سد لتيان‎‎, also Romanized as Sadd-e Latyān) is a buttress dam on the Jajrood River, located less than 25 km from Tehran in the south of city of Lavasan. It is one of the main sources of water for Tehran metropolitan region. It was constructed between 1963 and 1967. The first generator in the dam's 45 MW hydroelectric power station was commissioned on 17 March 1969, the second on 13 April 1987.[1]


Jajrood River basin is located in the southern part of central Alborz mountain range, the rocks of which date from the Palaeozoic era up to the Quaternary period, as below:

  • Palaeozoic era: The dolomitic rocks, sandstone and limestone. Belong to Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian periods.
  • Mesozoic era: The sandstone formation and limestones of Teriace and Shemshak (Lower Jurassic) coal formation with sandstone and fossiliferous limestones belong to this era.
  • Paleogene period: starts with lower and middle Eocene limestone layers with nummulite fossil and continues with the Alborz green layers. (Green tuffs) which is an indication of submarine volcanic, eruptions and were belongs to upper Eocene.
  • Quaternary period: The basaltic masses in the alluvial deposits which cover a big area in the region belong to this era.

Location within Alborz Range[edit]

Map of central Alborz Peaks: 1 `Alam Kūh
  -25 to 500 m
  500 to 1500 m
  1500 to 2500 m
  2500 to 3500 m
  3500 to 4500 m
  4500 to 5671 m
2 Āzād Kūh 3 Damāvand
4 Do Berar 5 Do Khaharan
6 Ghal`eh Gardan 7 Gorg
8 Kholeno 9 Mehr Chal
10 Mīšīneh Marg 11 Naz
12 Shah Alborz 13 Sīālān
14 Tochal 15 Varavašt
Rivers: 0
1 Alamūt 2 Chālūs
3 Do Hezār 4 Harāz
5 Jājrūd 6 Karaj
7 Kojūr 8 Lār
9 Nūr 10 Sardāb
11 Seh Hazār 12 Shāh Rūd
Cities: 1 Āmol
2 Chālūs 3 Karaj
Other: D Dīzīn
E Emāmzādeh Hāšem K Kandovān Tunnel
* Latīān Dam ** Lār Dam


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